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Monday, June 10, 2013

Minion Central

Howdy friends!! Here is a brief post about my theme for Term 01 at TIP! 

Despicable Me

So, what does this mean? Each RC needs to complete door decs and a bulletin board each term for the tipsters. So, I chose to go with Despicable Me as a theme since Despicable Me 2 is coming out in a few weeks and well, minions are adorable!

 So here is my minion! I needed to make 35 of these so it was exhausting to cut all of them out and then assemble all of the pieces together. But, they are precious. 

For my RC Group... their minions look similar to mine but I alternated the color for their names and added glitter glue to them so they are more fun! 

The girls love them! Even some of the parents commented and said they were really well done. I'm so happy that my hard work paid off and that the girls think they are adorable. 

Because lets be honest, minions are so freaking cute ;) 

So, here is a pic of my bulletin board! Sorry, for the poor picture quality! 

On the left side there is Tipster Information. This basically includes the daily schedule, rules, weekend events and basic information the Duke provided us! 

and the right side... is where the party is at! That is the Despicable Me side! At the top, there is a paper chain that is a countdown to DM2! -- 22 days for all of ya minions lovers! The rest of the board has little pictures from the movie, the DM2 soundtrack, some random trivia questions and facts! 

So, those are my door decs and bulletin board
for TIP Summer 2013 Term 01. Another Despicable Me
note (that I will be writing about this week) is my RC
Group's name is actually "Alex's Minions."
But, I will be putting up a pic of our mural when we finish it 
tonight and give a description! So look forward to that ;) 

Thanks for stopping by!

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