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Friday, June 21, 2013

Saturday to Thursday

Howdy, friends! So... I'm sorry I have been MIA for the past few days. I have literally been going non-stop and on my day off I just took a computer-hiatus so I am finally just sitting down to write about the weekend events and update you all on what's going on in my life.

Saturday night was a blast! We had a dance (like we do every week) and this week's theme was Party Under the Neon Sun! It was all neon-blacklight-glow-stick-palm tree decorations and it was a blast! As an RC we are responsible for basically being chaperones. But, even though that can be a lame gig I made sure to make the best of it. For, most of the night I was in the middle of the pit of jumping/ dancing high schoolers and it was so fun.

Honestly, I just tried to be as goofy and ridiculous as possible and the tipsters even told me that they wished the other RCs would dance with them like I was--- SO SWEET TO HEAR... especially because I'm almost positive I made a fool out of myself!

On Sunday evening we hosted Roll Call, which basically includes a song that the tipsters make up a dance or a skit too. I was on the Roll Call committee and we chose the theme of musicals.

There were songs from Wicked, Grease, Chicago, Jailhouse Rock, Disney broadway productions, Jersey Boys, etc!

My girls got assigned "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan and they did a great job!

Also, during Roll Call I co-hosted/ MC'd with another RC, Brandon! We both have totally different personalities and I think we did a great job! Brandon, has a great announcing voice and can do so many accents so we really had a great time with that!

Thanks to Holden and Danielle who were also on the Roll Call committee we really had a excellent event!
Sarah and I

I love Tuesdays... partly because its a nice day and because its my day off. I have the greatest group of gals who are off with me and for the past two weeks we really have hit it off.

So... what did we do?
- We of course hit up Sonic for Happy Hour on Limeades ;) I had a cherry limeade, but after trying Sarah's cranberry I'm definitely gonna get that one next time!

- After Sonic, we did a casual Walmart run and then came back to campus. I then got an opportunity to FaceTime with my friend, Alex from back at home! It was so nice talking to her and "seeing" her. I miss her like crazy!

- After relaxing for a bit, Danielle, Sarah, Ola, and I went to the movies to see Now You See Me... and all I'm gonna say is my mind was totally blown! Not only was the movie super cheap (I love college towns) but the movie was so GREAT! If you need a night out and a movie suggestion... go see that, like seriously please do!
Ola, Danielle, and I with our pizza!

- So, after the movie we were all starving so we decided to get a pizza and sit outside, listen to music, and enjoy each other's company. This was great... except I got bit by a mosquito on my toe and it is literally so uncomfortable!

- And to add to some more relaxing... a bunch of the RCs and I curled up with pillows and blankets and watched Pitch Perfect! It was a simple- but, much needed bonding/relaxation time!

Today, (Thursday) was an all-around perfect day!! I had breakfast duty and transport duty which were exhausting, but made better by a delicious lunch, great company, and receiving a letter from my best friend, Hannah!

I absolutely love letters... or snail mail! I think there is just something so timeless and nice about communicating via letters. I honestly feel like our society is entrenched in communicating via technology, so if I get a chance to write a letter I don't pass up the opportunity.

Now, Hannah knows I'm a sucker for letters and she has had her fair share of letter-writing experiences because her BF goes to the Naval Academy, so we make the perfect pen-pal match! The letter was timed perfectly, because literally when I woke up this morning I was really missing my family and friends so getting this letter half way through my day, couldn't have been better.

I also had my RC Group Night tonight, which means I got to spend time with just my minions and our honorary minion, Danielle. The girls and I had our off campus RC night so we went to Sonic for milkshakes and then went to Walmart. It was awesome to just get off campus with them!

All and all this week has been an amazing blur! 
I can't believe I only have 8 days left  
until the Tipsters go home. 

Thanks for stopping by. Love you all :)

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