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Friday, June 14, 2013

Crafty Week at TIP

So, each RC group gets to choose a name or a theme that they want their group to be called.... So, it should have come to no surprise that my girls would want to be minions.

RC13 is now called "Alex's Minions" which I have mixed feelings about! I loved "The Minions" but they said they wanted to be my minions. So, I guess I should be happy they wanted to include my name? hahaha.

So, to the left is our mural. Each girl wrote their name and put a little symbol... something that defines who they are.

{My symbol is at the bottom: peace, heart, cross, and smiley)

We also added quotes from Despicable Me... like "its so fluffy, I'm gonna die!" -- Agnes

One of the evening activities that I helped out with this week was brick painting! We had about 50 tipsters come and it went really well! And the bricks make perfect door stoppers.

 Last night, I had my RC group night! RC group night is when my girls can miss evening activity (7pm-9:15pm) and they get to hang out with just our group.

So, what did we do?

We went to Pita Pit which was a hit {rhyme}! The girls are already kind of sick of the cafeteria food and Pita Pit accommodated our group very well!

Then, we came back to our floor and we colored the About Me sheets (below) and made friendship bracelets. The friendship bracelets are in minion colors to continue with our theme of Despicable Me!

All the girls did different friendship bracelets and I have string left over so I'm gonna teach them all how to do the one on the left!

<--- I made these About Me sheets based off of different ice breakers and activities I have done in the past!

After, we completed our friendship bracelets, sang our hearts out to Taylor Swift and talked for awhile the girls all went around in a circle and shared their About Me's!

It was so cool to learn more about the girls! I think I liked the 3 Words to Describe You section the most because they all used different adjectives... some adjectives I had to google hahaha.

I honestly loved this activity and I would totally recommend it for anyone who needs a fun ice breaker-ish and coloring activity!

It was a great RC Group night and crafty week. 
Thanks for stopping by! Love y'all!

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