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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Howdy Y'all

Howdy Y'all! -- That feels so weird for me to say! But, I'm currently in Texas living the RA dream! I have been in Texas for a little over 2 days and I'm already in love. I love College Station and Texas A&M. I love how people talk and take the time to enjoy their meals. I love all the smiles and the traditions that encompass this university and Duke TIP. 

So a quick recap of the past couple of days: 

travel... Traveling to Texas A&M was a breeze! I had two flights to get me where I am which was a bit exhausting... for those of you who have been to the Dallas Airport walking to each gate is quite the workout. I ran into no issues traveling though. I am already getting pretty acquainted with College Station, they have literally every store imaginable here (random fact). 

new staff... The people are so awesome! I love the residential team and the academic team so much! All of us come from very diverse backgrounds and I feel like I can learn so much from them. We all hit it off really well too, which is definitely a bonus.

training... terrific! We have gone over the basic stuff like policy & action reports... we also went over "Day in the Life" which I will probably write about next week when I start living it. We have done tons of awesome icebreakers which... I'm definitely gonna bring back to the Mount because they are too awesome to not share--- and I'm a bit of an ice-breaker junky! 

food... dining services has been great! They have a pretty good & healthy variety and Texas A&M has SO many dining halls and options. The res. staff and I also went to a local Texas A&M hot spot called Happy Yogurt, where I tried my first boba shake. It has an interesting texture, but was seriously delicious! Like I want one right now.

living arrangements... Well, I'm living in Freshmen housing... but we have AC and the dorm facility is very nice. Below are some pictures of my room :) Oh... and for the past two days I have taken ice cold showers-- the hot water takes awhile to come on and I can't justify letting the water run for 20+ minutes just to have a hot shower. 

My own sink! I feel spoiled. But,
I'm still living with a community bathroom.
So, hello *howdy* shower shoes!

Last night we took a long walk to the Bonfire Memorial at Texas A&M. This was an incredible and sad experience. For the full story on why there is a memorial and the tragedy behind it... click here! 

So, there is a recap of my first couple of days here in Texas. I cannot wait to meet my RC Group and other Tipsters. As I sit here and type out this post I can't help but feel so blessed for this incredible opportunity. 

Oh and random connection: the grad student who told me to apply to Duke TIP when I went to Next GEN in Las Vegas back in March is actually my boss here. We didn't realize it until yesterday during an ice-breaker. How weird is that?

Stay beautiful readers! 

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