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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Daily Schedule

I have been explaining to a lot of friends and family what exactly my job is at Duke TIP @ TAMU! I keep getting the question: so, what do I do during the day while all the Tipsters are in class and what do I do with them after class? 

Well, I'll tell ya! 

Duke TIP is a program for gifted and talented students who surpass their classmates on the academic level. Each year Duke TIP invites students who are excelling to attend a three week term where they will get a taste of college through a college level course and a residence life experience. 

I work on the Residential end. I'm an RC which is basically a camp counselor/RA combined! My dream summer job in a nutshell. 

But, what is my daily schedule: (for the first two weeks)

- My mornings are free... but I am going to start running 
around 8am and then have breakfast 
around 9am. After breakfast I'm free to shower, 
work on committee stuff, prepare for evening activities 
and (or) catch up on blogs and other social
media addictions! 

- However, after 4pm I am pretty much going until 2am when
I finish office duty. 
   4pm- Supervise the floors (roam the halls)
   5pm- Escort RC Group to dinner & have dinner
   7pm-9:15pm- Evening Activities 
   9:15pm-10pm- Supervise the lounge (play card with Tipsters etc) 
   10pm-10:30pm- RC Group Time 
   11pm- whenever- Staff Meeting
   11pm-2am- Night Duty (walk the halls, make sure Tipsters are sleeping etc) 

Tuesday: My day off

- Mornings and afternoon I don't have any duty or obligations
except to be in Moses and to hang out with the residents at 
free time. 

- My nights are a little bit more busy: 
   5pm- Escort RC Group to dinner & have dinner
   6pm-10pm- Office and Med Room Duty
   10pm-10:30- RC Group Time
   11pm- whenever - Staff Meeting 

- 7:30am-8:30am- Breakfast Duty 
- 10am-4pm- Transport Duty (run errands for Duke TIP and
supply runs... pick up anything I need for that night) 

- Evenings: 
   5pm- Escort RC Group to dinner & have dinner
   7pm- 9:15pm- RC Group Night (This evening event is just 
Alex's Minions doing crafts or doing other activities) 
   10pm-10:30- RC Group Time 
   11pm- whenever Staff Meeting

- I have the morning and afternoon duty and obligation free. 
I just need to be in the building and work on various committee
stuff and planning evening events. 

  4pm- Supervise the floors 
  5pm- Escort RC Group to dinner & have dinner
  6pm-9:15pm - All Camp Event (Scavenger Hunt, Ultimate Frisbee
Staff vs. Tipster, last dance) 
  10pm-10:30 - RC Group Time 
  11pm- whenever - Staff Meeting

Saturday & Sunday: 
- Saturday Morning- Off
- Sunday Morning- Take tipsters who are interested in going to church

- Saturday & Sunday afternoon: All Camp Event & monitor
the lounge at free times

- Saturday & Sunday night: All Camp Event

So, that is basically my weekly schedule 
in a simplified format! 

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