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Friday, May 24, 2013

Beach Week Tradition

For the past 3 years I have gone to the Ocean City with my close friend Petra! It has kind of turned into a tradition of ours that I hope we continue for many years to come! I am so thankful to her parents who have trusted us enough to let us stay in their condo for a week each year. Some of my favorite memories have been made there.

This yearly beach week is always a blast and I have made so many fond memories which include the discovery of cranberry ginger ale, singing to Jimmy Buffet, making tons of delicious meals, and enjoying great company. 

Below is a brief recap of the past three years of great times in OC!

 Year 1: 2010

This was a spontaneous beach trip that covered a nice extended weekend in May!

Who Was There: Petra, Molly and I

What Did We Do: Lounged on the beach, played mini-golf, and board-walked it up! We had dinner at the Bayside Skillet and of course we had Dumser's.

Petra and I
This was a great trip! Some highlights included the discovery of my favorite soda... cranberry ginger ale. Also, the discovery that we all share an equal amount of love for The Sound of Music and enjoy singing the songs!

It was awesome getting closer with both Petra and Molly and in my opinion this trip definitely helped establish a stronger friendship for us all.

In this picture... Petra was dying Daniela's hair... and we were
all wearing matching Play It Safe t-shirts.

Play It Safe: is an OC initiative to keep seniors safe while
they are at beach week. They hosted tons of FREE and fun
events to keep students from drinking and making poor
decisions. Also, to help seniors avoid drinking and driving
they handed out free bus wristbands so that no one has
to get behind the wheel while under the influence! 
Year 2: 2011 {Senior Week}

Every year, thousands of seniors travel to OC to spend a week goin' crazy with their friends as one last hurrah of High School before they all say goodbye and head their separate ways... Although my friends and I didn't do what typical seniors do by *partying it up*, we still had a great time just being us.

Who Was There: Besides almost every senior from our High School and other friends... the people that stayed in the condo were- Petra, Dani, Daniela, Jenny, and I.

What Did We Do: We spent every day on the beach, hit the board walk up a couple times, played mini golf, visited friends in Bethany, had breakfast at the Bayside Skillet, went shopping at the Outlets, and road the OC bus up and down Coastal Highway visiting friends and spending way to much money at Candy Kitchen. We also went to a ton of Play it Safe events like: mini golf, beach volleyball, and free water park passes!

I never really appreciated how amazing this week was. It was nice hopping on the bus and seeing a friend from High School. There was something wonderfully simple in knowing that almost all of our graduating class was in one area... one last time.

I'm so thankful to have such a great group of girls to help bring a fabulous end to my High School career. We all still keep in touch and make time to see each other every time we are home on break. It is crazy how vastly different all of our lives are. We all went in different directions for college and it is comforting to know I have friends in many different places.

Year 3: 2012

To almost re-live the memories of Dani, Daniela, Petra, Jenny and I's Senior Week in 2011, we went up for a short OC trip in May.

It was the same group of girls and we continued our tradition of being on the beach and exploring Coastal Highway in the evenings.

It was hard to coordinate all of our different schedules so we weren't all there at the same time... but the time that did overlap was awesome!

So, to continue the tradition next week most of us will be reuniting in OC for a quick beach week! 
The timing couldn't have been better since I'm leaving for Texas in less then two weeks but, 
I'm so beyond excited to spend my last days in Maryland with these great gals. 

Pray for safe travels!

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