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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let's Go on a Date

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Earlier this year, I went to a guest speaker at my local university who was talking about the differences in men and women. And one of the topics she discussed was what women and men do to prepare for dates. She discussed how women will plan every second of the date down to what she will wear, what time the reservations are for, what would happen if she had a piece of spinach stuck in her teeth, etc! Men... however, aren't always such planners. Their idea of a perfect date is to show up, eat some food, and watch tv. Now, although these are great generalizations and puts men and women into two distinct categories, I couldn't help but find some of what she said to be true. 

For example, every time I go on a date I plan my weather permitting outfit (and then usually change 3 times in between the getting ready stage to the actual date itself), I plan what time I need to be ready by and how long it will take me to get all dolled up, and I plan what I should expect for food (aka do I need a snack to keep me from reaching the hangry level). 

However, once you're on the date... you're on the date! Life can throw some curve balls like actually becoming hangry or having horribly bad breath. I always pack the essentials, which kind of inspired my little date night kit. I've surprised myself on how often I have needed something or someone has asked me if I have something in my bag. Today, I'm going to share with you all the date night essentials kit that has saved me so many times. 

What Every Date Night Essentials Kit Needs:

ChapStick Total Hydration: Everyone needs some ChapStick on date night which is 100% natural and age defying! ChapStick Total Hydration needs to make your date night kit because of its advanced nourishing formula with argan oil and avocado butter and rosehip oils (thank goodness). This ChapStick instantly smoothes and moisturizes, leaving you visibly renewed lips. Totally kissable.

Emergen-C: No one likes a sniffly date (cue the hand sanitizer and air high five)! Emergen-C can help give you more healthy days, more healthy nights. There are over 20 varieties of vitamin supplement drink mixes. Emergen-C offers the formula, flavor, fix, and fun for any date night. So, "Let Your Healthy Out."

Advil Tablet Vial: Is a complete no brainer... (haha get it) When you're on a date you spend so much of your time talking, flirting, and laughing that you can occasionally forget to stay hydrated and boom you need some pain relief. Well, the Advil Tablet Vial is compact and is stored very easily in your date night kit. Nothing's stronger, longer lasting or better on your tough aches and pains than Advil, and nothing works on more pains than Advil (among OTC pain relievers).

Eye Renewal Drops: Commonly known as fake tears or something to keep your eyes from drying out, but they are essential for any date night success. Nothing is worse than having dried eyes when you're out on a date and constantly rubbing at them.

Floss & Gum: I know most people aren't big flossers, but it will definitely save you on a date! I have used floss twice on a date and it has saved me from the embarrassing "you have something in your teeth" comment. Floss is crucial on every date night, whether you go to dinner or to the movies. Gum or mints will also keep your breath smelling fresh all throughout the night!

Sewing Kit: Um yes... you may not have time to sew something when you are going out, but it will really impress your date if you can sew on their button for them. Even the smallest sewing kit also can save your favorite sweater from getting a dangerous snag in it!

Extra Earrings & With an Eraser Back: You never know when you are going to lose an earring or more often a back to an earring, so carrying an extra pair and an eraser back will save you when you are in a jam. It can also save the person in the bathroom who just realized that they lost their earring's back.

Mascara: Eyes are often the most noticed feature on a date, so treat your eyes right and bring some mascara for re-application purposes! It will make your eyes pop and your date will love it!

Lotion & Fragrance: is a must! When your hands get dry or your perfume is wearing off, this can come in handy so it leaves you smelling fresh with soft hands! But, don't over do it... that can give your date a headache, but if you're carrying an Advil Tablet Vial at least you can help them out!

The date night essentials kit is completed by the clear zipper pouch (that you can purchase at any Walmart). This clear zipper pouch fits right into your purse and allows for easy access to any of your date night items. It also adds a more sophisticated look to your purse, compared to the regular old plastic bag trick! There have been so many times when I have been out where these date night items have come in handy. Whether someone around you needs an Advil or on a cold breezy night when you desperately need some ChapStick! You won't regret carrying around a date night kit. If anything it can help start up some conversations and can impress your date! If discussing your date night kit seems weird to do, I have also included '5 Easy Conversation Starters' to make your date night perfect and complete!

It is great to be spontaneous and go with the flow, however the best dating advice I can give is to put together your own date night essentials kit with the items I have included! For more information on my favorite date night products, click here! Regardless of whether you're meeting the person for the first time or you have known them for twenty years, its always important to come prepared!
What would you put in your date night essentials kit?!

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