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Friday, November 13, 2015

Confessional Friday

It's Friday friends! Woohoo! To start off this glorious Friday I get to spend three hours of staff development time discussing my strengths. Two weeks ago, my fellow RDs and I were sent out access codes to StrengthsFinder and now we have the big debrief meeting to discuss how our five strengths can help us out in the work environment. For those of you who have done StrengthsQuest, my strengths were: developer, maximizer, responsiblity, positivity, and discpline. I'm hoping to do a big reveal next week and see if you can get your employers on board with this awesome staff development idea!

Anyways, to officially start of Friday I am here to write about my five confessions from this week...

I confess... that I was completely eying this adorable sewing kit... until I opened it up! It's so cute from the outside, but the sewing supplies on the inside are completely outdated. I found this cute kit at Walmart for $15 and I was so disappointed when I opened it up and saw the inside :( However, I could always replace what is on the inside... so maybe once I officially pick up sewing/stitching I'll do that!
I confess... I'm going to continue on the sewing trend and discuss how Pinterest has taken me by storm and one of my RAs and I are going to do Sock Snowman. They are the cutest little guys and I can't wait to do this secular DIY craft with my residents.
I confess... I leave my office unattended sometimes. My office is located under the stairs in my lobby and when I have the Desk Assistant on duty I feel the freedom to run to the bathroom without locking my door every single time. well, yesterday I learned a little lesson from my Housing Director who left me this note on my computer. I guess I need to be less trusting?
I confess... strawberry donuts are my favorite! And I deeply enjoyed this little guy for breakfast this morning! Seriously though, I love strawberry donuts and it's a sure way to be friends.
I confess... tonight I'm going to spend the evening with a friend doing some homework and then I'll be attending a weekend program. I'm really excited for a quiet Friday in.

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  1. I don't think I've ever had a strawberry donut! I'm missing out!


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