Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 11/2/15

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Recap 11/2/15

Another beautiful Fall weekend has come and gone! I took Friday off this weekend, so it was quite a beautiful 3 day weekend full of laughter and friendship.

The weekend began with the East vs. West Powderpuff Football Game to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness! The event raised over $75 for The National Breast Cancer Foundation and was such a hit! We were all worried that the weather wasn't going to pan out for this event, but God worked his magic and we had quite a beautiful Fall evening.

After the game, I drove down to Josh's house and we went bowling. We hadn't gone bowling in so long and it was nice to have an impromptu date! I also got to see a lot of other Mounties and it was nice hearing how some old staff members and friends were doing.

It was bring your girlfriend to work day on Friday... just kidding! But, I did wake up nice and early and drove over to work with Josh. But, instead of going to his office I ventured around the Mount to visit old faculty member's offices! I got to see my Psychology mentor, Dr. Faas and quite a number of old professors who I think I can now call friends! After visiting a few professors, I met up with my friend Cassandra for some breakfast and then we walked around and talked about life. 
After Cassandra went to class, I had lunch with Alex... or really watched her eat lunch and we gabbed about the latest and greatest moments in life! Alex works at the Mount with Josh, so it's really quite spectacular that all of my greatest friends work together. After lunch, I was reunited with my favorite man and we hiked to Indian Lookout! We have made it a tradition to go up there at least once a year and so far we have two beautiful years down in our book! It's crazy to reflect on what we talked about last year and what we talked about this year. Now that I am employed, I have found that my worries are completely different from what they used to be last year. But, one thing has not changed and that is my appreciation for him! Now that we are officially in November I can start bringing out my thankful notes and sending thankful letters to people who mean the world to me! 
Saturday was Halloween (just in case you forgot) and unlike most people, Josh and I decided to forget the costumes and appreciate a quiet evening together. We went to the Ship football game and watched them win over Millersville or "The Ville" as the like to be called? We then went back to my apartment and made apple pizza! We basically used a pie crust, some butter, cheese, and some apples that was baked at 350 degrees for 12 minutes! It was the perfect pre-church snack! We then walked to church and heard a beautiful homily about recognizing the "happiest moments in life" and acknowledging that the happiest moment (being united with God) is yet to come!

When we got back from church, we went for a walk and my adorable boyfriend helped me cross another thing off my 101 in 1001 list... jump in a leaf pile! It was fun being silly and jumping around in a pile of leaves!

We then made our way back to my apartment where we carved a pumpkin, ate a child's favorite dinner, and watched Harry Potter. Josh hasn't seen the Harry Potters, which is completely mind blowing to me... so we began with the first one and hopefully we will make it to the 7th by this time next year.

I love weekends with this guy! Happy November friends and don't forget to appreciate everyone in your life and tell them how thankful you are for the little things that they do!

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