Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 11/9/15

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Recap 11/9/15

This last weekend was another one for the books! It started out on a positive note when I met with a group of RAs who are on my Civic Engagement Auxiliary. After we went through our regular agenda items (what event is coming up/debrief old events) we did a little self-awareness activity. So, every time we meet I put an inspirational quote at the bottom of the agendas. However, this past week I really couldn't choose, which helped spark a wonderful activity. I printed out a bunch of social justice related quotes and had them choose, which one meant the most to them. They picked their quotes and shared beautiful testaments on where they are at. It was great to see the different quotes that they chose and I love hearing student leaders talk about things that they are passionate about {especially if they are passionate about giving to others}!
Friday night, I went to my friend Anette's to eat dinner and meet her parents! Her parents are adorable and her mom is a great cook. After eating with them, I drove down to Josh's and met him at his old High School's football game. The team lost, but I enjoyed spending time with Josh and his dad. Later that evening, Josh decided to educate me on the Browns Football Life business and why the browns are really the Ravens, Bengals, and the Patriots... which, in the end is why the Steelers don't like any of those teams. Pish posh. Anyways, it was quite interesting and I feel like I'm in the "know" on all of the football drama (even though it happened like 50 years ago). 

Saturday was a phenomenal day. I spent the morning with Josh's family and then Josh and I drove t church and then met my parents/grandma. It was a real treat to spend time with Josh's family and my own. I'm incredibly blessed to have two families that are full of kind and caring people. When dinner was coming to an end, my friend Ben picked me up and we drove down to Baltimore, MD to celebrate our friend James' birthday! We went to the Greene Turtle and they all participated in the "Hell in a Shell" drink endeavor. Definitely a recipe for potential disaster, but we were all safe and we spent the night in a hotel room down there. It was really nice getting to see everyone and hearing about everyone's lives.
One of my favorite parts of the weekends in Fall are all of the perfect walking days. Josh and I took a really nice walk on Saturday afternoon and it's during those walks that I feel extra-grateful for the kind man who I get to hold hands with. God is so good everyone! I'm really looking forward to more walks with my favorite man and admiring the beauty that surrounds us.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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