Radiating Sunshine: Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I hope you are all enjoying this delicious and thankful holiday as much as I am. Today, marks day 26 of my grateful project and I have been doing pretty good! There have been some days that I have missed people, but I have been working hard on making up for it. I have sent cards, called family members, sent positive text messages and wrote thoughtful Facebook posts. And it has had an amazing affect on my life. Not only am I more grateful to everyone in my life, but I have also been spending more time evaluating who I spend most of my time on/with. When you work as much as I do it can be hard to balance calling your aunt and writing a letter to a friend. I love my work, but sometimes the hours are just not very supportive of a social life. 

However, one thing that I have been forgetting is that my work continuously challenges me to be self-aware. So, my grateful project kind of debuted through a variety of different programs. I have done two of my favorite thankful programs, which have really helped me think about everyone and everything I am grateful for. The first one, was my annual Thankful Tree -- where residents write on leaves what they are thankful for and enjoy some apple pie. The second was Thankful pumpkins -- where they write on orange strips and what they are grateful for coupled with some old fashioned coloring. It doesn't cost much (or really anything) to have your residents and friends reflect on what they are grateful for and it can be really flattering when someone mentions that they are thankful for you :) 

Anyways, blog world! I'm out. I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you enjoy this holiday. 

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