Radiating Sunshine: Thanksgiving Break 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Break 2015

Happy Cyber Monday friends!! Hope you are all enjoying the day and the deals... comment below and where you're finding the best steals. I'm the worst at shopping. Even when I coupon, I always seem to spend more money. I need to take a serious class on coupon 101. Anyways, today I'm going to recap about a wonderful few days off. 

On Wednesday afternoon, I went wedding dress shopping with my friend Amanda and after we settled on her dress, we ended up getting together with all of the bridesmaids and tried on potential bridesmaids dresses. These girls are so fun and we are all amazingly the same size... which is really exciting. We tried on probably five or six dresses before we ended up deciding to go back to the first one we tried on. However, we have almost 10 months until the wedding so we have plenty of time to find the best dresses. 
 After bridesmaid dress shopping concluded, I met up with my favorite family to see The Hunger Games! It is our Thanksgiving tradition to go see a movie and we had to go on Wednesday because our schedules didn't align to go on Friday night. I love this tradition and I'm sad that next Thanksgiving we won't have another Hunger Games to go watch. But, maybe another movie will be premiering and we will be able to see that.

On Thursday, we traveled a lot. We went to visit my Aunt Holly's and my dad's mom. The SNL video of Adele's Hello has turned out to be quite the conversation starter and I have shown so many people it. So, if you're wondering were all of the million of views have come from... it's probably from me!

We always end up matching.. even when we don't try!
On Friday night, I drove up to Josh's parents' house and I spent the remainder of the weekend with the. We traveled to Pittsburgh, ate Meadow's ice cream, consumed two plates of stuffing, and did Thanksgiving crafts. I love going up to Pittsburgh and seeing his extended family. We only see them twice a year, so it is quite the event when all of his family is together under one roof.

On Sunday, I finally made it to the gym to make up for all of the stuffing I have consumed over the past few days. We will see how the scale looks tomorrow... except I also consumed a ton of cookie dough today as well. So, the scale could go either way! But, I successfully baked 200 sugar cookies for all of the Ship RAs. We have our end of the year staff wide party, so I'm going to contribute sugar cookies (not gluten free) and cookie word searches to the holiday bags. I have been loving my experiences at Ship and have learned so many cool ways to appreciate others.
An extreme mess
Anyways friends it's going to be a busy busy week! I have a holiday party for my Hall Council tomorrow night, several conduct hearings and settlement agreements, and a friend holiday party to prepare for. But, God is good and it's officially the Christmas season so bring on the holiday cheer. 

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