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Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope you all have had a beautiful week and a happy November. We are officially in the grateful month and this semester is slowly coming to a close. I can't believe that we have less then a month left of classes and then my first full semester as an RD will be over. It's crazy how time moves so slowly, but at the same time flies by. I'm feeling particularly grateful for all of my opportunities and everyone I have met on this path. 

I confess... living in PA has been pretty grand! I enjoyed the Summer here and the Fall has be absolutely delightful. Now, of course I have not experienced winter here yet, so maybe my thoughts will have changed. But, for now I am loving this weather and state!
I confess... I've been working out almost every day now and I can't seem to get sore anymore... I know that is a strange issue, but being sore shows me that I had a good work out and I am struggling to get that satisfying reward. Any suggestions?

I confess... my Christmas list is long over due and I have no idea what I want to ask for! It's not a bad place to be in, being grateful for everything that I have and not needing anything else. However, my mom is quite the giver so I think I'll be able to scrounge up a little list with toothpaste and a blender on it. Who knows! What is on your wish list for the year?

I confess... I got a surprise package today! I very rarely get mail, especially not packages so when I went into the office today and Ms. Teresa our administrative assistant said I have something for you, I jumped in delight! ACPA, the conference I am attending in March sent me a bunch of conference bling. So, now I am ready to rock some swag as I walk the streets of Montreal.
I confess... the most exciting thing I have going on this weekend is seeing my family/Josh and being loaned their old christmas tree. I couldn't be more excited! I like weekends where I can relax and enjoy some quiet time. And I love knowing that soon I can start decorating for Christmas and singing carols all day every day!

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