Radiating Sunshine: This "Dominican" Vacation: Planning Spring Break

Thursday, February 5, 2015

This "Dominican" Vacation: Planning Spring Break

TBT to when I went to the Dominican Republic with my family almost 8 years ago!

A few weeks back, my friend Alex and I were discussing what we wanted to do for Spring Break and after a lot of research (Alex is a champ) we found a deal via Living Social to spend our Spring Break in Dominican Republic. After a lot of consulting with friends and family we excitedly booked our Dominican Vacation and we couldn't be more excited. 

How to Plan Spring Break Trips:

Find people you like and who you would want to travel with! Nothing can ruin a trip more than (a) going with someone who annoys you and (b) someone who is not a good traveler. What are some characteristics of the "good traveler"-- organized, flexible, someone who can read a map/instructions, not too high strung... (did I miss any?)

Pick a place, choose your dates, and look for deals! There are a ton of online deals ranging from GroupOn, Living Social, Apple Vacations, Caribbean Vacations, etc! Doing research on your ideal location, deciding how much you want to spend, and how long you can go is a great way to start. For us, we knew we wanted somewhere warm (remember, if you're going out of the US you'll need a passport). We also knew what are available dates were and our price range $600-850. 

Book early! I kid you not, the day we booked our flights was also the day our flight price got raised by $40! Also, apparently Tuesdays are cheap days to book flights? That is what I have heard but, I haven't had any experience with that. So, yeah book early before those flight prices start to go up. Also, make sure you check all different airlines and availability. Flying out on a Monday instead of a Sunday can drastically change the price of your flight. 

Print everything! Maybe I learned this from my mom or maybe I'm just a compulsive planner, but have copies of everything. I printed out all of my confirmation emails and I have made copies of important documents like passports and credit cards. Make sure you keep your copies separate from the originals that way if you do lose the original, you also won't lose the copy!

Check the weather! Before you go on your trip make sure you know what to "expect" with the weather. Obviously, the weather changes all the time but planning for any type of weather will save you money and will make your vacation so much nicer. 

Plan to pack! I know that may sound ridiculous to plan to pack, but making a plan in order to pack is really helpful. Find out what stuff you have and what stuff you need. You don't want to be running around the night before trying to get everything. Remember to pack medications too! 


  1. You are going to have SO much fun!!!

    1. Thanks Meg! You and Mike are going to have a blast on your honeymoon :) Loved that post and the flowers!


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