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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just Juicin'

So, last week when I was home my dad christened me into the juicin' clan! My mom and him have been on this juicing kick. They bought themselves this fancy juicer and now they juice everything... kale, spinach, flax seeds, apples, carrots, bananas, you name it they juice it. 

Now, I was a little skeptical when my dad pulled out this kale-spinach-ginger juice but, it was actually pretty good. He then taught me how to operate the juicer and I made my own little creation. 

He has been doing a lot of research on vegetables/fruit and how healthy they are for various reasons. So, I chose apples, carrots, strawberries, and blueberries. 

So, how does it work? 

We prepared the fruit (de-core the apples & de-stem the strawberries). Then we washed them because washing fruit and vegetables is always a good idea. In college, I have met a lot of people who don't do that and I always respond with a mouth and eyes wide open in disgusted-amazement kind of way. Anyways, if that is their prerogative then I won't get on any soapbox.

After the fruit/vegetables are ready to go, you then begin juicing. With my parent's juicer, we just dropped the fruit/vegetables into the mouth of the juicer and then pushed the fruit down. On one side the excess of the food went out and on the other side the juice poured into the container.

I know it looks a little gross but, I promise it was delicious. Plus, it is such a yummy way to get your daily servings of fruit and vegetables. I hope I get a juicer when I'm older because there would be nothing better than some fresh strawberry lemonade during the summer and cool refreshing veggie juices after my early morning workouts (that I rarely do-- but, hey one can dream).
Also, please excuse the whole messy hair, wrinkled t-shirt, and make-up less face. I wasn't expecting anything blog worthy to happen and here I am keeping it real. What is not pictured in this post: my dad and I hard core dancing to some Coldplay while juicin'. Stay young and healthy friends!


  1. Yum! I think my next purchase might be a juicer. I've been really good about eating my veggies so far in 2015, but you know that'll get old quickly and I'll need a way to trick my body ;)

    1. Meg, you and Mike should definitely consider juicin'! It's a lot of fun and you can make unique concoctions.


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