Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 2/16/15

Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Recap 2/16/15

Happy Belated Valentine's Day friends! I hope you all had wonderful weekends, full of sweet goodies and great company. My Valentine's Day weekend was a blast. Josh and I relaxed all weekend, and we were really productive when it came to homework and planning stuff for this upcoming week. 

Friday night: 
Josh and I had dinner before he had to go to work. While he was at work, I went to a chocolate covered strawberry program. I love decorating strawberries and it was fun decorating them for Valentine's Day. I ended up getting on a decorating kick, and before I knew it I had 20 chocolate covered strawberries and I sure as heck could not eat them all by myself. I figured I would spread some love, so I delivered the strawberries to my friends and RA/DAs. 
I am a huge activist for random acts of kindness. I find so much joy in bringing kindness and smiles to others, so I think this was probably one of the best moments of the weekend. I also really enjoyed Josh swinging by after work with a cute bouquet of roses and music, so we could dance and laugh. I saved him some strawberries too, that way he wouldn't feel left out.

I went to Josh's and attempted to make us heart shaped pancakes. All of their cookie cutters are currently in storage in the attic, so I had to improvise a little! However, most of the pancakes did resemble hearts.

After we finished brunch, we just hung out! We did the dishes and just sang love songs as we waited to leave for the Mount basketball game and then church.

We had a blast at the Mount Men's Basketball game. Those games always mean something special to us because our first date was at one of those games last year. We even splurged and bought popcorn and drinks so we could really make a fun date out of it. Our boys won the game against Bryant and the game finished 20 minutes earlier then what we expected... So, for the first time in like 5 weeks, we made it to church early.

I'm really excited that Ash Wednesday is coming up, and the Lent Devotionals are out. For Advent we did the Advent daily devotional, which we really enjoyed. It is wonderful to pray together and talk about what we are thankful for each day.

When we got out of church we were greeted by a few friendly snowflakes, which then turned into a quick baby blizzard. We could barely see 10 feet in front of us while we were driving home. It has been so chilly up here and although we're thankful for the beautiful snow and the opportunity to get all cozied up, we both are ready for spring to come.

For dinner on Saturday, we did our usual pizza yumminess. We were out of pepperonis, which made me so sad. I had this big idea of cutting them into hearts, so I was really sad that I didn't have any pinterest-worthy pictures to share with you all. After dinner, we watched The Vow and then Marley and Me! Marley and Me definitely resonated with Josh because their family dog is getting so old, but we decided that from now on we're going to try to be more patient with Mandy (even when she cries about nothing).

In the morning, I made a few batches of crepes for a Valentine's Day hall program another RA and I are doing tomorrow night. Then, I cleaned the kitchen and got all settled in for a nice evening of homework and reading. Josh had baseball practice in the afternoon, so I got to do my own thing around the house.

Well, Sunday turned into an interesting night. About 5 minutes before Josh got home, one of the upstairs pipes sprung a leak! I was in the living room reading for one of my classes and then all of a sudden I heard a gush of water. My first instinct was the roast that I had in the oven was boiling over... but, then as I approached the perfectly fine roast I realized the water was coming from the foyer. Thankfully, Josh's dad and I sprung into action. While he went to turn the water off, I grabbed a bucket. So, all evening we have been without water... probably until tomorrow! However, we made do! I ended up finishing the roast and dinner, while the boys handled the leak. And then, I made an apple crisp and we all watched SNL's 40th Anniversary and did homework. It was quite the night, but definitely a relaxing way to end break.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Strawberries, pancakes, and crepes - my kind of food :)

    1. Meg-- seriously the best foods in life!!


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