Radiating Sunshine: The Boy Behind the Blog #1

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Boy Behind the Blog #1

I'm finally writing a "Boy Behind the Blog" post. I get a lot of comments and emails about Josh and how we are doing, so I finally found time to write a post dedicated to this guy. He is also Radiating Sunshine's editor when he has time! Very grateful this cutie and all of the fun things we have been able to do. 

So, Josh tell us a little bit about yourself!
I'm just your average junior in college loving life! I stay very involved on campus with jobs in the career center and the library. I also work in the school's writing center, which make me qualified to edit this blog! I am a huge sports junkie and forever a fan of the Steelers and Pirates. I play on the Club Baseball team at our school, and this year I am serving as the team's president/manager, which is a really challenging, yet rewarding, position. I also play intramural flag football, basketball, and softball. Faith is very important in my life. I always try to fully rely on God when tough times come about in my life. My favorite bible verse is Psalm 23, "The Lord is My Shepherd." I hope to travel the world one day and see all of the wonderful things it has to offer.

What are your favorite topics that Alex writes about?
I always enjoy reading Alex's weekend recaps because they usually remind me of the great weekend I just spent with Alex! She also writes very insightful posts about the college experience. She has really opened my eyes to how you can make the most of your time as a college student. An article titled "Advice for Incoming Freshmen" is one of my favorites. I also like some of Alex's most famous punch lines like "loving life."

What is the best part of editing blog posts?
Editing blog posts requires me to adapt to someone's style of writing. Trust me, it took me awhile to get use to how much Alex used words like "y'all." But then I realized that those are the things that make Alex's blog so unique. Every time I read her blog, I can hear her voice in the way that it is written. This is also the most challenging part of editing a blog. I want to change it so that it grammatically makes sense, but at the same time I want to keep the author's voice in tact. Being able to find that happy medium is definitely the best part of editing Radiating Sunshine.

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