Radiating Sunshine: Break Recap 10/21/14

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Break Recap 10/21/14

I'm officially back at school and officially wishing Thanksgiving Break could hurry up and get here. This break was amazing it filled with good foods, good company and good memories! Here is just a little recap on how I spent my last Fall Break!

I went to Apple Harvest with Josh's mom and sister! I got a little Austrian fix with some apple studel and had a great time
hanging out with them for the weekend! I am so blessed that Josh has an amazing family I can hang out with.
I applied to grad schools... I'm still not done! But, I did just submit my first application. I have about three more to go and
I'm hoping to know where I will be heading (if I get in) by the Spring! So many unknowns but, it was nice getting most of those applications done. Keep me in your prayers, please :)
good food... is a must have during break! I didn't gain any weight which, I am really happy about and I enjoyed Carrabbas with my parents. My favorite dish since I was a child was mezzaluna and I finally got to have it again. 
with good food comes good baking! I was a baking machine this break. I made buttery brioche loaves, apple pie, pumpkin rolls, and homemade cake for my staff! I loved baking and my mom loved me cleaning out the pantry. 
the wardrobe I lived in... haha my favorite pair of minion boxers and my boyfriend's big comfy t-shirt!
a little bit of shopping... I didn't buy the chunky cream sweater but, those pants definitely came
home with me! I'm actually wearing them right now as I type this post. 
I discovered the cutest boutique down in Old Ellicott City! I can't remember the name of the store which kills me but, I had a field day shopping in there. It was kind of like a Francesca's with a mix of fun Maryland love. I even picked out some stalking stuffers for Christmas which, I can't wait to "open."
a break post wouldn't be complete without a picture of the cutest baby, June! Loved spending time with my favorite pup!
Josh and I literally had the best dates! We went out to dinner, we saw a movie, we walked around the park,
made dinner, watched Grey's Anatomy (I know I can't contain my excitement either), and so much more! I seriously
can't get enough of this guy and I can't wait to spend more time with him this weekend. 

I bonded with dad at the Ravens vs. Falcons Game on 10/19/14! Loved the ravens win and spending the
entire day with my dad. He is literally the greatest and I miss him so much while I'm at school. 

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  1. Carrabba's is my FAVORITE PLACE EVER!!! I looove their bread and you have to try their fried mozzarella! I love those minion shorts, too! What a great break :)


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