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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{Overwhelmed & Having Faith}

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 I woke up to an email this morning from three different Graduate Schools letting me know that they have received my applications and their committee boards will begin reviewing the materials I sent in. Applying to Grad School is probably the most stressful life decision I have gone through... even more stressful than applying to undergraduate colleges. Why? Because unlike undergrad I actually don't know if I'm going to end up in grad school or not. And what I want to do: Higher Education Administration almost always requires graduate school. So, while balancing my workload for 5 classes, two senior projects, RA life, work life, personal life, and finding time to maintain my diet and exercise regularly I am officially just so overwhelmed. Last year, I did a study on emerging adults that revealed that Freshmen rated themselves higher on knowing their identity than seniors did and I think I know why! Not knowing where you're going to be next year or what you'll be doing is seriously stressful.

I'll find out in a few weeks what programs I'll be accepted into and then I'll begin the assistantship process but, for now I just continue my day to day activities with such an overwhelmed heart. I continually hear people say, "if I can't get a job I'll just apply to grad school" and they have no idea how much hearing that bothers me. Because I need Grad School for my future career.... Not only is it hard to apply to these programs and attempt to look better than all of my peers who are just as qualified as me, but I want to go to Grad School for my future not as a last resort.

But, thankfully I don't ever have to deal with the stress alone. Lately, I keep coming across the best bible verses (one of my favorite blogs, blogged about this today) which have been really giving me the confidence to persevere and have faith. Although I don't know what my plans will be next year and the unknown has been eating me up (and probably bothering everyone who I complain to about it) I know that through prayer and trust that everything will be okay, I can get through this time. So, tonight when you're praying before bed, please keep me and every senior who is going through the same process that I am in your prayers.

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