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Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Thoughts on Friday

Happy Friday Guys! As I get back into the swing of things and learn how to balance life I have been really working hard to make sure the blog received it's necessary maintenance so, I'm planning out posts ahead of time and making sure I post regularly... Anyways, today I thought I would do a 'Five Thoughts on Friday' post because honestly who doesn't love Fridays and who needs something to read while they are desperately wanting the weekend to get here...

5  on Friday

one... I love really good soup. Like I'm just craving delicious soup! I primarily live off of dining hall food so, my soup options are limited but, when the cafeteria serves really good soup like shrimp and corn chowder you can bet I will be having at least two bowls! Unfortunately, it has been a little while (a week or more) since I have had some good soup to warm me up!

two... I miss my family and my puppies! I'm so ready for next weekend when I can be reunited with them! Not to mention Brooke has fall break next week too so I will get to spend some time with her in between applying to grad schools and making every apple / fall related dessert known to man. 

three... the Orioles are doing so stink in good!! They won both playoff games they have played these past two days and I couldn't be more proud of them. Today at work we had every TV in the office playing and of course for the last two innings of the game we all congregated around the smallest TV in the office to watch them win!

four... I love my residents and RA Life in general! I have made the greatest friends in the RA world and this week I've gotten to do so many things with them. 

Like play football with them!
We also held the annual Pie Your RA Fundraiser for the RAs/DAs Relay for Life team!
 Pie Your RA is probably one of my favorite fundraisers just because it is a great way for the residents to see that we are totally on their level and that we are "equals"... so, yes RAs have to enforce the rules but, at the end of the day we care about our residents development and safety and we want them to have the best college experience possible. Pie Your RA also raised us over $250 dollars so, for a dollar a pie that isn't bad ;)

Twinning with Ashley, my accountability buddy!
five... I am really excited because in the next hour or so I'm going camping with Josh and another couple! A few weeks back Josh and I were talking about trips we did when we were younger and I just had this crazy urge to go camping. So, I checked out some campsites and found one that was close to us! Unfortunately, it is going to rain all night... so, pray that we don't get too wet and that our tent is fully waterproof.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend, see y'all on Monday!

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