Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 4/14/14

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Recap 4/14/14

I took a break last week from the weekend recap, but I'm back this Monday Tuesday recapping another weekend. Recently my weekends have consisted of endless amounts of work-- which well, isn't the most exciting thing for y'all to read about. But, hopefully this past weekend is the last weekend where I'm drowning in work!

Friday: Was a wonderful day. I always have an easy class schedule (10am Sociology class) on Fridays and then I go to work for a few hours and do paperwork. But, this Friday I got out early and hung out with J for an hour before I left for babysitting. After babysitting for a few hours I came back had dinner and then met up with Alex and J for L'arche. L'arche is an organization dedicated to the creation and growth of homes and communities for people with intellectual disabilities. My school has a partnership with the local L'arche community so we all get together on the third Friday of every month and enjoy each other's company.

After L'arche, J and I went back to my room and we watched The Amazing Spider-Man! Spider Man is his favorite hero, so it was really fun watching it with him and hearing his views on where the movie could have improved on and all of that stuff.

Saturday: Was a homework and Best Buds kind of day! I woke up early and started working on my American Experience 202 paper. The 10-12 page paper on 'Success in the Early 20th Century' really interested me, but I just couldn't get motivated to write it. I know we've all been there before! However, I did get a nice little break for a couple hours and went outside to play wiffle ball and kickball with some friends from Best Buds. I love those Saturday afternoons when I get to spend it outside with amazing company.
My view for pretty much all day Saturday!
Sunday: I spent most of the day working on my paper, going to meetings, scarfing down food whenever I could, and seeing J play baseball! It was the first game I've seen him play so, I was beyond happy that I got to sit out there and support him. Plus, he is beyond handsome in his uniform... hopefully, I'll be able to get a picture of us next time! It didn't even cross my mind :/
Check out that mountain view :)
So, there is a quick recap of my weekend! I'm beyond excited for this weekend because not only will I be going home and spending some much needed time with my family but, it is also Easter Sunday! I'm definitely gonna enjoy this much needed mini-easter-break!

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