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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Colorful Notes: BIC® 4 Colored Pen™

This post brought to you by BIC 4-Color pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm the type of person who is proud of the notes I take in classes. The majority of my classes are lectured based and I'm not one to just pull out my laptop and check facebook or take a little snooze in class. So, instead of distracting myself with other things; I take notes. However, my notes are black and white. I try to highlight when possible but, it is just not practical when I'm trying to write so fast and keep up with what my professor is saying.

However, I recently got the offer to review the BIC® 4 Colored Pen™! Now, while working on the campaign and to give an honest review I needed to see whether the BIC® 4 Colored Pen™ improved the quality of my notes. And friends, all I'm gonna say is these 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen worked wonders for my notes. But, seriously people my notes are fun and colorful. They are also more organized, which is definitely an added bonus. Plus, if lecture gets really boring, I can draw a fun little doodle on the side of my notes and be impressed by his colorfulness.

So, whenever I write about a product I like to do some research on it... and I don't know get to know what I'm trying out. Well, while researching the BIC® 4 Colored Pen™ I came across an interesting campaign that describes the different colors based on personality. For those of you who know me, I'm a psych major so anything that has to deal with personality typing is definitely on my must read forever and ever list. Anyways, I was going through their list of the different colors and the personalities and I thought it would be cool if I shared it with y'all...

Blue: the color of the sky... jk but, blue is a classic and timeless color and he knows it!

Green: often feels left out when competing for love with blue, red, and black. I honestly can't blame him but green is also a soft and comforting color that I truly can't go without.

Red: is a passionate corrector. He likes it when grammar, spelling, and conjugation are all in check. He loves correcting errors but, he isn't a jerk about it!

Black: sometimes comes up second when he is compared to blue. But, he has a plan for life and is dedicated to becoming the "Undisputed Master of the Word."

Out of all of the colors, I think my favorite one/ the one I personally relate to them most is green! I feel like when it comes to taking notes, black and blue are usually my first go to colors/pens... so recently, I've been trying to share the love with green and I have not been disappointed. Plus, I may be too empathetic for my own good; I feel that Green feels unloved therefore, I must love him! Also while doing research I came across the funniest videos that featured the BIC® 4 Colored Pen™,

These two videos showed the perspective of the ink inside the pen which, was really funny to watch! They are only 30 seconds each so if you have a moment check them out.
So, I've talked about how much I like using the BIC® 4 Colored Pen™ when taking notes, but I haven't dicussed where one should get the pen. I guess that's really the most important part, right? Anyways, for all of my fellow students and (or) note takers y'all can purchase the pen online at Amazon or Staples. And if you are a social media fanatic like me feel free to check out BIC® 4 Colored Pen™'s social media outlets, like Facebook or Twitter! You can find promotional thoughts and giveaways on these pages. I love using my BIC® 4 Colored Pen™ and I know you will too.

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Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post by BIC via SocialSpark. All opinions are my own. 

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