Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 4/28/14

Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap 4/28/14

Cheers to the last weekend of Junior year... well, kind of! We have one more weekend at school but, the following week is finals and let's be serious I will be secluded in the library or my room calculating the lowest possible score I can get to still get an A in the class and studying for those exams. 

Anyways, it was the perfect last-kind of weekend! Although, I really should have been more productive I'll look back on this weekend fondly. Now, as most of you know it is the perfect weekend when I can see friends, workout, go home to spend time with my family, and hang out with J... and that is exactly what I did. 

Friday: was a great day! My one and only class was really interesting and J and I met up for lunch. We also watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother and just relaxed before the craziness of the weekend. 

Friday afternoon I went to a meeting for Austria! We discussed little details and it is really becoming so real! We have officially 33 days until we leave for Austria. I'll be sure to put up a couple posts about what I'll be doing and how flipping excited I am! 

Friday night was so much fun! I made dinner (chicken parm) for Alex and her roommates and then we had a few friends over to celebrate all of our Senior friends who are graduating. We danced, laughed, and made memories that will last us a lifetime.

Saturday: I woke up and went to the gym which was amazing! I've been slacking on going to the gym this semester so, I'm glad I hit the gym on Saturday morning. Then, I did homework and met J and his family at church. Saturday night, J and I went York, PA for his sister's Show Choir Concert. The concert was three hours long but, all the groups that went did really well. I definitely think J's sister's school had the best performance, but maybe I'm a little biased. 

Sunday: I left early in the morning and went home to see my family. I then went to my cousin Christina's bridal shower. She is getting married in a week which, is beyond exciting! After a few hours of driving I finally made it to J's baseball game. It was fun sitting out in the sun, watching him play, and getting a little bit of homework done.

I'm beyond thankful for J and I'm so glad I got to spend so much time with him this weekend! I'm definitely gonna miss squeezing in our 15 minute chats throughout the day and seeing each other so frequently on the weekend. So, that's all folks! Hope you all have a fabulous Monday :)


  1. What a fun weekend!! I cannot believe you are so close to the end of the school year... weekends like this were always my favorite in college... warm, sunny, with so much going on!

    1. I know, Meg! I'll be a senior before I know it O.o I love the weekends though... seems to go by way to fast!


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