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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Dog Behind the Blog

So, last week there were a ton of "The Guy Behind the Blog" posts spanning my blog feeds and this week I decided to jump on the puppy bandwagon and give y'all a little glimpse into the puppy behind this blog. 
I really wish she stayed this size!
So, my family has two dogs an alaskan klee kai (not featured) and a siberian husky (above). This post is dedicated to my favorite pup, Juneau the siberian husky, who is loyal and adorable. Even though I don't live at home whenever I come she is always ready to greet me. 

Check out those paws!
Look at that baby! Well, she isn't a little baby anymore but, I just couldn't resist putting up that picture. I mean seriously she is adorable. Anyways, my four and a half year old-not-so-baby anymore still loves life. Holiday parties still wear her out and she will literally do anything to go on a walk.

Her favorite place in the house: curled up on the couch
Her favorite things to do: lay on my feet while I cook/bake or nom on a bone
Her pet peeves: sharing her bones with her sister, Jenna and getting baths 
Her favorite special treat: peanut butter or doggie ice cream

I started to draft this post last week when I was home and what is beyond funny is that June hopped up on the couch next to me and wouldn't leave me alone. Now, picture this big Siberian husky trying to cuddle with you while you write a blog post... not the easiest thing! I had to stop writing the post because she started to climb in my lap. But, I'll take puppy cuddles over a laptop in my lap any day of the week. Happy Friday, friends :)


  1. So cute! I love this idea. I think I might do a similar post because I've been grasping at straws lately for post ideas! : )

    1. Thanks! and please do, it is such an easy post and who doesn't love talking about their fur babies :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I can't handle the cuteness! Your pup is just precious!


    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I wish she could go back to being a puppy for the day so I could hold her all day :)


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