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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Uni Vox Box

Finally, I've been able to put together a post that reveals the newest Influenster Vox Box! A little while back I got an email from Influenster asking if I could fill out a survey on foundation… little did I know that it would then add me to the list to receive the University Vox Box #UniVoxBox that would come with a ton of treats for the university student.

So, let's reveal the Uni Vox Box: 
Rimmel london's Stay Matte Foundation
NYC: lipstick
RedRose Real Tea 
EXPRESS: Press On Manicure
Playtex Sport- Fresh Balance Tampons
Acroball Ball Point Pen

EXPRESS: Press On Manicure

So, when I got these fake nails, if it's okay to call them that? I wasn't completely on board! I haven't worn fake nails since I glued a cheap pair onto my fingers the night before homecoming in High School. I guess after that occasion, I realized that fake nails aren't really for me. Anyways, I gave them a shot and they weren't too bad. I got used to them and this brand was surprisingly resilient. The only issue I ran into was taking my contacts out at night.

I personally wouldn't ever get fake nails or buy this product, but for people who need the extra tip on their finger nails then I would definitely consider looking into this product. It was so easy just to peal back the sticker and press them on. There was no messy gluing and (or) destruction the destruction of your nails in this process-- which, is a win in my book!

NYC: New York Color Expert Last Lipstick

The second product I tried out was the NYC: Expert Last Lipstick... and boy when they say "expert last" they mean expert last. When I first opened up the box and I saw the color I was very hesitant. I mean seriously, just look at the photo below and I think y'all would agree that I look like a barbie doll. But, besides the fact that the color wasn't really working for me... the lipstick itself was phenomenal. It stayed on literally for hours. I even tried to wash it off before one of my meetings and it wouldn't come off. Now, that is endurance. 

Barbie dolls all the way!
Acroball Ball Pure White Pen

So, like any other girlie college student I am obsessed with nice pens. When I take notes I like them to look like little works of art, so I was really excited to try out this product. The pen was light and writes very well. The only issue I found was that the ink kind of blots at the end, so while I'm taking notes a little drop of ink landed in the middle of my line... not cool pen, not cool. It may just be a user error but, I was frustrated with that. However, all and all it wasn't too bad of a pen! I am still in the search to find my perfect note-taking pen! When I do, I'll be sure to let y'all know. 

Rimmel london's Stay Matte Foundation

This was probably my favorite product in the entire box box. I absolutely love the foundation. Now, I'm pretty lucky when it comes to break outs because usually they are fairly controlled but, I know that if I'm having a bad skin day or I have black bags of sleep deprivation under my eyes I have a tool to turn too. This foundation is really nice and isn't too expensive. So, say no to Sephora and give Rimmel London's Stay Matte foundation a try! 

I've worn it everyday! And the best part is it doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation at all :)
RedRose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancer

I have never used a water enhancer before, so I was really eager to try this product out! I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to tea drinking. However, I know I like black tea and sweet tea so I was up for the challenge. After a few drops of the RedRose Real Tea into my water I was hooked. It definitely enhanced my water and it was so easy! I didn't have to fuss over tea bags or anything. Also, the RedRose Real Tea fits in my book bag so easily, it makes for the perfect on the go beverage. 

Playtex Sport- Fresh Balance Tampons

So, this product is a little TMI... especially to blog about! But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Anyways, Influenster suggested we take a picture playing our favorite sport. So, I don't know what my favorite sport to play is... I love playing a pick up game of touch football with my guy friends and I like to run and swim, but I figured that I would try out a new sport for this post. Now, thankfully my best friend plays tennis and actually teaches tennis over the summer so I lucked out with a free lesson. I took tennis lessons when I was younger, but it has been years since I actually went out and played. I really enjoyed playing with Alex. As far as my review on the the tampons I still have yet to try them... but I'll edit this post when I do :)

I loved the #UniVoxBox from Influenster! Thank you so much to all the companies who participated and I can't wait to write more reviews about my experiences with the products. All of the opinions above are my own. Happy Tuesday :)

I received all of these products from Influenster and their providers for testing purposes. I was not paid for my reviews on these products. 

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