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Friday, April 15, 2016

Confessional Friday

 Today's confessional Friday post is geared towards confessions about living on a college campus (for literally the past 5 years). Every day my job pretty much focuses on making sure that my residents are comfortable with (and love) their live on experience.

I confess... I love only having a 28 second commute.... literally I walk 300 steps and boom I'm in my office! It can't get much better than that right? The only downside to living where you work is that sadly its hard to get out of the office. I catch myself in my office until 12AM sometimes and that work life balance is not healthy!

I confess... during inclement weather, living on a college campus really isn't that bad. This past January when the East Coast got hit hard with a blizzard, I really wasn't mad about having access to all the food I could eat, having the roads cleared off, and not having to commute in icy conditions.
That's about 3+ feet of snow
I confess... the food can be a hit or a miss. Having a Starbucks (and Dunkin) is super convenient and delicious (especially when your work pays for your meal plan). There are days when I love everything that I eat and than there are days when I am basically eating chicken tenders and french fries. The one thing I would change would be the healthy options, but I understand the crowd the dining halls are serving.

I confess... what inspired this post was that I am moving in less then a month. I love getting a fresh start in a new space, but I have moved every year for the past five and I'm kind of over it. I'm a full nester (minus pregnancy) so I love to decorate and make the space my own. But, that comes with a lot of time tearing down an apartment, packing boxes, and moving to a new location. (Plus side, I'll be in my new place for a year woot woot).
I confess... although there are pros and cons to a Live On position, you really can't beat the wonderful (and sometimes furnished) spaces that you get to share memories in. J and I talk about how much we're going to miss the apartment I'm currently in, but we are looking forward to all of the wonderful memories that we will share in the next place. 
On a side note, thanks to everyone who helps me move and supports my apartment decorating desires! You all are seriously the best and I'm eternally grateful for my live on position and the beautiful spaces that I have lived in.


  1. There are definitely pros to living on campus. I dearly miss the commute! But I have to say I would not go back to being on call for one second. Glad you are loving your time living on! Soak it up!

    1. On call is definitely a downside! I'm literally about to go pick up the duty phone! Thanks for the comment Stephanie ;)


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