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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hello... It's Me

I've noticed that I have had a lot of new visitors hanging out at Radiating Sunshine and it has been awhile since I did some introductions. So, today I'll be sharing 10 facts about me for all of my new little sunshiners out there! To start, my name is Alex and I've been blogging in this little space for almost 4 years now O.o! I've loved blogging and sharing my experiences throughout undergrad with you all. I now mostly share the experiences of the adult world and everything that it entails.

one... I work in Student Affairs at a university in PA! I am a Residence Director and I am enrolled part-time in graduate school. I have kind of always knew I wanted to work with college students and now it feels so magical to live that dream out every day (and most nights) ;)

two... I eat muffins every morning for breakfast. I'm not a huge cereal fan (partly because I can't control myself and I will literally eat 3 bowls). So, muffins are my life. On Sundays, I meal prep my muffins and make a bunch of delicious stuff! My favorite currently is: banana and coconut chip muffins!

three... Navy blue is by far my favorite color and its a running joke that I will only attend schools with navy blue in their colors. (Literally this has been happening since middle school).

four... When I discover a new song, I literally listen to it on repeat constantly. I'm sure this made my undergrad roommate extremely annoyed... but, I just really like songs. My current obsession: Take All the Time You Need by Oh Honey! Or really anything by Oh Honey-- go Spotify them now!

five... I try to embody a happy lifestyle at all times (cue- Radiating Sunshine). Seriously though, I love positive psychology and talking to others about ways they can simply be happy. Life is way too short to be sad, right? Check out my blog series, Happier You for the happy goals I want to achieve over the course of this year!

six... I'm extroverted and introverted all at the same time (not sure how it works, but it does) and I love spending time with family and friends... and love to stay home, read a book, preferably in sweatpants with a glass of chocolate milk (I'm still trying to be a tea drinker).

seven... I'm the happiest when I get to spend time with my favorite Radiating Sunshine fan, J! Seriously though, before we started dating he read my blog consistently without me even asking. I should have known he was a keeper then.

eight... Although I live in PA, I'm secretly a MD girl at heart. I love how much pride my crab lovin' state has and although I may never live in MD again, I hope I will always be within driving distance or on the East Coast.

nine... I love positive affirmations, which is probably why my building theme is You've Got MAIL: More Affirmations In Life! Nothing brings me more joy when I am told I'm doing a good job with something. I occasionally wish I was more intrinsically motivated and had my own intrinsic reward system, but I think everyone secretly likes to be appreciated.

ten... I work long and weird hours, but I genuinely love love love my job! I really don't mind living on a college campus for forever and my students are seriously the best. I also get a lot of pleasure from making flyers and creating programs. I think I chose the right profession, but I'm still figuring out where I fall in the world of Student Affairs.

And there you have it! 10 facts that I hope will help you get to know me better! I love my job and my life! I am truly grateful for every moment of every day. Hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!



  1. I love all of these facts! I would love to visit PA, not too far from it, but I've heard it's wonderful. I love that you love your job you don't hear that too often this day in age! Xo, Kirst

    1. thanks Kirstie!! Hope all is well with your family :)

  2. I love these facts about you. Good to see them, since this is my first time visiting your blog (hopping over from Blogs by Christian Women). When I first hear a new song, I often have it on repeat for a while too. I am also a lover of positive psychology (but psychology in general), self-improvement and affirmations. I am from the Netherlands but when I was a teen, I dreamt about living int he USA and Maryland was where I wanted to live.

    1. Awh thank you for visiting! That is so incredible! You should definitely come and visit :) Have a wonderful day!

  3. You should look into Appreciative Advising. Being into positive psychology, I think you would really like it!


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