Radiating Sunshine: 5 Reasons to Date a Res Lifer

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

5 Reasons to Date a Res Lifer

Hi lovelies! Hope you all are having a phenomenal day! Today, I'm talking about balancing my work and my personal life (a task that is not easily achieved when you work as an Student Affairs). There are many pros and cons to living on campus and working at a university. For example, a con is on most days I work ALL day. Last night, I had a break from 6PM-9PM and I literally told my DA I didn't know what I was going to do with myself. I ended up throwing frisbee with some residents, but still the all day work life is real. A pro is I literally have no commute... Have a morning meeting? No problem, just put on a pot of coffee and walk downstairs. 

However, I will be honest sometimes my job does affect my personal relationships. Whether its phone calls interrupted, cranky programmed-out Alex, or the inability to to explain work days-- it can be hard to work in Student Affairs (but, more specifically Residence Life).

But, there are a lot of reasons to date a Res Lifer and I've outlined some of them below. Maybe next week I'll get J's opinion on the manner and share with you all. 
Five Reasons to Date a Res Lifer:

(1) We usually get to live in an on campus apartment that comes furnished! My apartment is extremely cozy and J and I absolutely love spending time here!

(2) Food. Food. Food. Almost every program comes with food and that definitely moves mountains with J! Whether its yummy desserts or eating some french fries, there is almost always a snack available. My work also pays for a meal plan, so J and I eat at the dining hall quite frequently!

(3) We get to experience cool things and go to socials that we don't have to plan (most of the time)! Some of the highlights from this year: giant corn hole, arcade games, Photo Booth, etc.

(4) Res Lifers (occasionally) have a crafty side, so we can literally help with any project (home or work related)!

(5) We are very sensitive people and were tremendous listeners! Our jobs call for us to listen to people and help sort out issues. These experiences have helped us build up our social skills, which can be used for listening, advice-giving, and or boosting people's moods.

There are pros and cons to every job, but dating a res lifer definitely comes with more pros then it does cons.

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