Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 4/4/16

Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Recap 4/4/16

Holy smokes, its April! Well, this weekend was dedicated to the duty phone and spending some really nice quality time doing homework, sitting on my couch, and occasionally hanging out with some RD friends. I kid you not, this couch could not be any more comfortable!

Anyways, this weekend truly was dedicated to homework. Friday night, I was really successful with my SPSS Statistic homework and finished the rest of the book! I can't wait to buy a binder and put all of those assignments in and submit the project!

After my time in the library, Lindsey and Chris came over and we had a "girls night, plus Chris!" We made brownies (licked the bowl), listened to happy music, braided hair, and watched Sex in the City! It was such a relaxing night and the brownies were literally DELICIOUS. I have one left and I am waiting patiently to eat it. I think I have discovered that brownies truly are best when a little under-cooked! Now, mom before you start thinking I just ate a bowl of brownie batter, let me explain. As we were baking the brownies... we all discussed setting a timer and because of some accountability law or something NO ONE DID. And the end product resulted in me checking the brownies several times and pulling them out at the perfect time.
Hair braiding is definitely my favorite thing to do! My first year-roommate used to braid my hair all the time and I absolutely loved it. It probably can be linked to the hair being played with obsession that I have. Anyways, Lindsey did some different kinds of braids. The one on the right made me feel like I should be in Pride and Prejudice!

Saturday morning was fabulous! I brewed a pot of coffee and worked on my article critique for stats! I don't think I have ever read an article with as much scrutiny as I did this weekend. I also began working on my methods section for my paper! This weekend definitely has left me feeling a lot more productive and ready for this week to begin!
Sunday, wasn't as productive as I would have hoped. It started with me cleaning my apartment and doing laundry, which took forever! I then got a chance to get off campus and hit up the gym for a little while. I definitely needed it and I felt so much better! When I got back from the gym, I folded all of my laundry, painted my nails (AND DIDN'T MESS THEM UP), and got ready for dinner.
My department is currently hiring for a new Assistant Director, so a couple RDs and I took the candidate out to dinner at a local restaurant! It was a really yummy dinner and we had great conversation. My friend, Lindsey snapped this adorable picture of downtown Ship of the beautiful trees in the city.

I ended the night, shopping with my favorite buddy- Aaron! Aaron had a full Target adventure with me, which basically consisted of me rattling off my list of items (and necessities), examining each product according to my coupons and Cartwheel App, and exploring every aisle with Aaron. We made it out alive and before the store closed, which was a definite success in my book!
And that's my weekend! It was definitely a relaxing one and I missed having J around! I'm very grateful for a cozy weekend in and I'm really excited for Relay for Life and a trip to DC next weekend! For now, I'm going to sip on some ginger lemon tea courtesy of a BOGO from Target and couponing :)


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