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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happier You: Family

Last weekend was Easter and I got to spend sometime with my mom and dad for a little while. This was the first Easter that my younger sister, Brooke wasn't home. Too be honest, it was definitely a really hard holiday. I missed Brooke so much and the whole holiday didn't feel the same with her not being there.

Brooke and I have been talking a lot about how important family is. I love that we have been talking more regularly and I'm really looking forward to her coming home from college and us sharing the same time zone.

All of this talk about family and seeing a lot of my family members this past weekend have set up April's goal for Happier You quite nicely. This month, I am focusing on FAMILY and truly embracing all of my different types of family that I have been blessed with.

surprise someone... Everyone loves a surprise! So, I'm hoping to conjure up a surprise for a special family member and make them feel truly special this April! If you have any ideas comment below ;)

call a relative twice a week... starting on April1st my goal is to schedule thirty minute blocks in my week to call two different relatives every week. Now, I know most of you must think this is really easy for me to do. But, with working the way I do and going to grad school my free time almost always consists from the hours of 10PM-1AM and that is way too late to be calling relatives. So, I'll have to block time between work and class. So, stay tuned family members :)

friends are family too... I think this will be one of the best goals for this month. I'm really looking forward to spending sometime with friends and treating them like family. I'm not exactly sure how this will pan out, but I'm really excited to shower some love on friends.

plan a family trip... whether I get time off to go on it or not I would love to plan a family trip for my family. It might only be a day or a weekend trip somewhere, but I would love the opportunity to plan something for my family of mine.

And that's it for April! It will be a very busy month. I just found out that I'm moving in May, so I'll have to start packing and prepping for the move. But, life is great and it will fly by!

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