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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Keeping Organized

Now that I'm on my own, I have been working on getting organized. I have printed numerous different budget sheets, grocery sheets, and ways to plan my week! I'm still figuring out what type of organizational printables I'll need and am really considering designing my own yearly planner. I feel like I could really customize it to fit my own needs so, we'll see whether I decided to embark on that journey!

Anyways, for now I wanted to write about two of the printable I have really been enjoying.

Sherbet Cafe's: Monthly Budgets 
^^ Jessica has some really cute planner ideas and printables! She is so creative and her products are so easy to download. I have been loving using her monthly budget sheet and am considering using her meal planning sheet!!

Simply Kieste's Cleaning Printable
^^ I love this cleaning printable! I don't have a garage, but other than that it works perfectly! I cut out the printable and hung it on my fridge... Nothing like a daily reminder to clean things/areas of my place.

I have also been using Iheartorganizing's printables and am very thankful for all of these ladies sharing their wonderful ideas/printables with me!

How do you stay organized? Any tips and tricks for the new adult/apartment dweller like me?

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  1. Love getting organized! It's definitely a favorite pastime of mine. Ha. Man I'm boring... Meal Planning sheets are definitely awesome especially when helping you stay within grocery budget.


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