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Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Already June

Woah, it's already June! Seriously people, when did that happen? I felt like I just graduated last week and I'm already a week into my post-graduate job! Life as a Residence Director has been really awesome. Last week I went on a wonderful retreat with my staff members! We bonded, sailed cardboard boats over a pool, ate a lot of yummy snacks, played Just Dance, etc. We drove to Deep Creek, MD and spent three days getting to know each other and listing out the hopes we have for this year. And in between the retreat, I really started making this apartment feel like a home.

Now, this apartment is a temporary place! My current apartment is getting renovated, so I'll be moving in there in August. But, for now this little apartment is my little happy place and I am trying to decorate it as such. For the kitchen, I have a yellow and owl theme going! I was given an assortment of kitchen gadgets from my graduation party, so the kitchen is coming together quite well!
The living room is also coming along well! Josh helped me put together my vacuum this past weekend. Who knew you needed a screw driver for the occasion? Anyways, the only thing I really need to add to this space is my Salzburg mural of pictures and a tv!
I love my bedroom! I moved the two twin beds together and put the comforter over top! So, now I have one big bed and all I have to do is watch out for the crack in the middle of the bed. I love curling up at night and reading a novel before bed. My apartment also has really good air conditioning, which creates the perfect snuggling environment!
I love my work desk in my living room. I just love turning around and seeing the kitchen. The yellow accents have really helped make the space homey; even though I haven't hung up all of my decorations on the walls yet-- so stay tuned for all of that fun stuff!!
 I've only been on the grown up train for a week and I'm already addicted to coffee... or creamer (whatever floats your boat). It really isn't very surprising because I loved drinking coffee while at school... but, now that I have my own 12-cup coffee pot it has changed my coffee game! I set up the coffee maker at night, so that way in the morning I can walk straight to the machine, flip it on, get in the shower, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while I get ready/watch the news. >> I feel like my mom!
Italian chicken, green beans, and garlic mashed potatoes!
And lastly, I made my first dinner at home last night. I've been either on retreat or eating leftovers, so this was a really nice way to end the weekend. I'm also really excited to start blogging recipes! I have loved reading recipes from other bloggers, and now IT'S MY TURN!! Just so y'all know... this meal cost me $8 and I have some leftovers. I bought some green beans, 2 tablespoons italian dressing, boxed Betty Crocker mashed potatoes (judge me) and organic chicken breasts from the grocery store= $13.89! However, I have four breasts left, a whole bag of green beans, and I only used one pouch of the mashed potatoes. I love cooking and I feel like my new motto in life is "just add olive oil."

Anyways, that is all for now! I'm hoping to do a post this week on my temp-office and how my first week of training is going. Hope you all have a great week and happy blogging/reading :)

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