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Friday, June 12, 2015

Life as an RD

So, I am officially almost done my second full week of training/working as an RD! This week felt like a month, but I have learned so much and I feel like I got so much stuff done. I organized my office and got settled. Made my schedule for the remainder of the summer. I have 50+ things to get done and I'm really pumped! The major thing I have been focusing on this week is getting stuff ready for the RAs to return in August. I have been writing their individual training manuals and have been planning what activities I want to get done throughout the year.
Love the Lilly prints I found for my binders!
I was assigned my two auxiliaries, Civic Engagement and RD Selection. I'm really excited for them both and they were my top choices. Civic Engagement focus on the education and outreach for service opportunities. I loved being involved in the Office of Social Justice at my undergrad, so when I saw Civic Engagement was an option I was over the moon. I made a full list of different activities I want to plan and different teach ins that I want to host. With RD Selection this will be a big hiring year. There are quite a number of RDs graduating, so I'm really excited to get with the committee and start planning what RD Selection will look like.

I have also experienced my first duty weekend! It went really well. I must say when I got the phone I was really excited and then I started worrying about getting calls I couldn't handle. Since I have been on duty, I have had a few phone calls. Mostly just maintenance related issues. I was on duty for almost 5 days straight and now I keep looking for the duty phone, worried that I have lost it. But, I think the phantom phone syndrome will go away since I'm not on duty again until the end of June.
Anyways, going back to the 50+ things I need to do before the RAs get back on campus and we start opening up the buildings... I knocked one of them off the list and that was my RA door decs. I chose my building theme: You've Got Mail {More Affirmations In Life} and intend to create a positive community built on affirmations. I'm still working on what this will look like in the grand scheme, but I'm feeling extra-creative and I can't wait till my building opens up and all of the residents move back in.
But, we have eight weeks to go until that happens and for now I'm gonna keep knocking things off my to do list and loving my job!

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  1. Awww I LOVE the "You've Got MAIL" theme!! And yaaayyy for your big girl job really getting going. I hope you have a fantastic weekend :)


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