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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Choosing to Walk

So, I know this sounds like an interesting title for a blog post... but this is something I have been really focusing on! Since I moved to PA, I keep finding myself having conversations with friends and or co-workers on why I don't drive to work or really anywhere else on campus. Now, before I mislead y'all to think I walk 3 miles to work (it's actually about a half mile), I choose to walk everywhere on campus. Sure, it can be a little inconvenient when I have to walk 15 minutes back and forth for lunch. But, I love that time. I didn't become a huge walker until last Summer when I was in Austria. See in Europe, you walk pretty much everywhere and I loved it. It is so much nicer to enjoy the fresh air and to have moments without being plugged in to some technology source. I love feeling the sunshine on my skin and swapping a story or two with a friend who also chose to walk that day! 
I don't have a pedometer, so I genuinely don't know how far I walk a day (maybe, I should get one) but I do know this. In choosing to walk, I am benefiting myself in a number of ways:

(1) I don't have to drive... and waste gas... and put miles on my car... and deal with campus construction!

(2) I'm preventing heart disease, need proof check it out here!

(3) You can lose weight (hello soft ice-cream at lunch)

(4) It lowers your chances of disease... including dementia!

(5) and it beats sitting down at the office, and then at lunch, and then in a car! I mean don't ya get restless just sitting around all day?

Now if you have a similar schedule to mine, it can be really hard finding that time to go for a run. Especially when your only free time is after work and by then you're famished and ready for dinner. So, by walking I am continuing to live a healthy lifestyle even on the days when I'm too tired to make it to the gym (woohoo)! 

How do you stay active when working an office job?

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