Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 6/15/15

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap 6/15/15

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend and that this week is beautiful for y'all! This past weekend, I road tripped home with Josh and we (or me) were dropped in baby heaven, for my cousin Christina's baby shower! It was a great and memorable weekend. Full of MinuteClinic and family fun!

After spending most of the afternoon baking, I began the trek home! While driving, I got to talk to one of my old residents Cassandra and we caught up about life and how our summers are going! I then picked up Josh and we started heading down to my parent's house. When we got there we ate pizza and hung out with my Aunt Paula and mom as they ran around the house prepping for the baby shower! They seriously are crazy ladies when it comes to the party planning department. Who else's mom is a champ party planner?
I took a little decoration break and opened up some mail! Check out that diploma, woohoo!!
After all of the decorating had ended for the night and the Orioles pretty much beat the Yankees, Josh and I headed for a night swim! I have barely been swimming all season and the pool was so warm and refreshing. What wasn't refreshing... was the little buggies were swimming with, oh well!

 Josh and I spent the morning at the MinuteClinic (his ears were clogged) and then running errands. I also got into a fight with a self-check out machine. After the Store Manager assured me everything would be fine and I had a couple gulps of my raspberry lemonade, I calmed down! When we got home all of the baby shower preparations were in full swing.

The shower was awesome! My mom hosted it for my cousin and she did a great job planning the event. We played "Don't Say Baby" with clothespins, measure the belly with yarn, Family Feud, and gifts BINGO. Other activities included: advice cards, write a message on a diaper, and pick the delivery date! Christina is having twins, so the party was covered in pink baby fun!

While I was at the baby shower, Josh took my dad to the Orioles Game! They have never been to a game before and when they got home they were smiling ear to ear. I guess that's what happens when they have a boy night and the Orioles beat the Yankees!

Josh and my dad didn't get home until almost midnight and because I time laundry very poorly, Josh and I were up super late! But, I loved hearing about the game and the stories those two swapped. Sunday morning, Josh and I were two sleepy cats!
But, after a little Dunkin Donuts and a nice country drive to his team's baseball field we were ready to take on the day!  I didn't stay for both of his games, but Josh was the lead off batter and I got to watch him hit the ball to a hole in the outfield and score a run! After some nice sun tanning and before my precious flowers / food (grocery shopped at home) could spoil, I packed up my picnic blanket and headed on home.
Love these beauties! 
It took awhile to get home because I had to take a few detours, but once I got all unpacked I turned on ABC Family and started setting up some things I brought back from home. I managed to do all of my laundry while I was at home, which is really nice because I can start this week of with barely any chores!
I have a really large entertainment system!
I spent the rest of the night, writing my staff's expectations, watching Harry Potter & The Hunger Games (thanks ABC Fam), chatting with Josh, and prepping my veggies and extra stuff for this work week. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming week because it's orientation week. Although I'm not pumped to wake up at 5:30AM every morning, I can't wait to learn how orientation works here and to learn more about Student Affairs!

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