Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 6/29/15

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap 6/29/15

Growing up Sundays were always the saddest days. You had to say goodbye to the weekend and prep for an early morning school day or work week! If you had a friend over on Saturday, then Sunday night felt like the loneliness night you've ever had. You no longer have that buddy to chat with till you fall asleep. Grown up life is pretty similar. Especially when your best friend comes up to spend the weekend. 

After work, Josh drove up to visit for the weekend. While he was driving up, I was prepping for dinner. I made brie in a croissant (arguably the best thing I have ever had), sausage and peppers. By the time he got to my apartment it was around 6:30PM so we were both famished. After dinner and he so kindly did the dishes, we walked out to the football field and played some wiffel ball. It was fun just being silly and running around. We also tried to lift the tires on the field (the ones that the football guys lift). I couldn't lift it at all, but Josh managed to move it 15 yards down the field. 

 I absolutely love when Josh comes up to visit and we go on our long walks! We always find the cutest spots for a pictures too. We knew that the weather would be crappy all day on Saturday, so we did our best to get outside and run around on Friday night.
 After our beautiful walk outside, we met up with my fellow RDs for some ice-cream! We went to this adorable little cabin that sells homemade ice-cream. Josh got a strawberry swirl milkshake and I got the almond joy single scoop with some caramel sauce. We sat outside and chatted for a few hours.  And one of the best parts of the whole evening was that I didn't get any bug bites.
So, on Saturday I saw something that truly made me chuckle...If you're from the East Coast or are aware of all the sharks that have been making appearances near the beaches, then you may understand where I am coming from when I say I'm scared. Well, I am joining all of the crazies out there in absolute fear over the sharks! Josh and I are planning on going to the beach at the end of July and I swear every week I freak out about the sharks that could potentially eat us. Now, I know it's probably irrational how scared I am. And I know I'm swimming in their habitat, but still you can't help but, feel a little terrified with a nine foot hammerhead swimming along side of you.

 Anyways, I saw this meme on Facebook and I couldn't stop laughing. I was literally crying I was laughing so hard. Everyone is freaking out about sharks (including me) and this helped put things into perspective. So, I'm going to do my best to love the sharks and get excited for our vacation.

 Josh is currently taking some summer classes and he had an 8 page paper due on Saturday night. He worked so hard to try to get everything done before he came up to see me, but he still needed to finish  a few pages and proofread it before he submitted the paper. So, naturally I was like "of course, I'll just sit and blog and you can just write your paper."
Well, apparently I'm a "distraction" and was exiled to my bedroom to write in there. I have been loving all of the attention I have been giving to my blog. It has really brought me so much happiness. I have even started a new goal on working on building my product reviews and advertised posts resume. So, hopefully I'll have some more stuff to present to you guys within the next month or so.

After Josh finished his paper and we had lunch, we went to church. This was the first time, Josh saw my church and I'm glad we went together. After church, we came home and played wii and had some fun. We then made this delicious pepperoni pizza. I tried re-creating the pizza crust recipe his dad uses and I just couldn't do it. The pizza turned out fine, but the crust was too dry. No matter, I'm sure I'll practice a thousand more times before I master it.
 Later on Saturday, we watched a chick flick 'Dear John' and Josh was very angry with the ending. I've never seen him so worked up by the ending of a movie. I guess 'Dear John' didn't rank high on the chick flicks he has seen. So, far 'The Longest Ride' has been his favorite.

This weekend absolutely flew by and not going to lie, I kind of sulked around all morning on Sunday. I was so sad when Josh left. But, as he always reminds me "I'm gonna miss this." I know I shouldn't want life to fly by, but this whole not being able to see each other as often as we used to really bums us out. I guess we have way too much fun when we do get to spend a weekend together.

The reminder of my Sunday went well. I caught up on some Grey's Anatomy and did some work on my Collective Bias stuff.  I also worked a check in for a conference and then went to a barbecue for the ASP students we now have on campus. ASP stands for Academic Success Program and I can't wait to work with the students.

And now, Sunday is almost to an end. Knowing that Josh was here last night and now we are going a week apart is so sad. I don't know when I became so clingy, but man I'll need to get over it when the school year begins. I'm really looking forward to this week though. I start my first grad school class and we get Friday off! I'll also be leaving on Thursday night to go home and spend the weekend with my family and friends. So, that's all for now folks! Happy Monday :)

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  1. It sounds like such an amazing weekend!! AT least you were a good distraction right?!


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