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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Am I a Blogger?

I feel like I keep starting every post with... "sorry I haven't blogged for awhile." But, as we all know life is busy. With all of my graduation plans and work that still needs to be done, I have had to pick and choose what I spend my time on and who I spend my time with and sadly the blog has been cut from the majority of my time. However, there is hope! I'm hoping in 32 days when I graduate (cringing as I write that) and when I get settled in my new job, I'll be able to get back to blogging regularly. Until then, here I am writing catch up posts! 

Life lately has been moving really fast. I felt like February was the longest month ever and boom its April. When did that happen. Josh and I keep reminding ourselves to live in the moment. We love the old country song "you're gonna miss this... you're gonna want this back... you're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast." But, seriously if you need a reality check and need a slap in the face than listen to that song! I'm already feeling so somber about graduating and life just needs to slow the heck down!

Anyways, I'm feeling really grateful and mushy gushy after this Easter holiday! I got to see Josh twice over the weekend... once for a day full of adventures, which include a hot lunch date, ice-cream, nature walks, and egg dying with my family and then again for egg dying with his family and bunny cake decorating. We are busy bees, but knowing that we can still make time for each other and uphold family traditions means the world to me. 

 We tried glitter eggs this year... and let me just say they may be beautiful, but they sure are messy! Also a little PSA don't drop your egg into the bowl of glitter... it will get EVERYWHERE. 

 I love Easter. It is probably one of my favorite holidays. I love getting all dressed up for church, finding easter eggs, decorating easter eggs, having an easter basket full of goodies, and spending time with my family. I also am a big fan of brunch... more specifically Eggs Chesapeake... I love a crab cake and a poached egg. I have decided that if I ever become a mother I'm going to request that for my mother's day brunch or breakfast in bed.
 My Easter Basket this year focused on a few cute shirts, a candle for my apartment, and lemon soap. I told my mom I wanted a yellow and lemon themed kitchen and she ran with it!!
 I've also been more obsessed with the color blue than ever before. My boyfriend family always jokes at my obsession with navy blue and I'm here to openly admit that it is bad. I looked down at my Sunday church clothes and was like man, they are definitely right.

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  1. I love that shade of blue :) My Easter outfit was a skirt that EXACT shade with matching blue heels!

    Midwest Darling


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