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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Making the Best of Failed Travel Plans

For Spring Break, my good friend Alex and I went to the Dominican Republic for some much needed fun in the sun! We had an absolute blast in DR and made some great friends... but, it was an adventure getting there. 

The day we left we had a 6:00AM flight... which, means we left my house at 2:00AM because of the snowy weather. We were definitely getting on that plane. However, the first officer didn't have the same thoughts as we did. We waited at the gate as 6:00AM passed and around 6:30AM we started to worry about whether we were actually going to leave the airport. It wouldn't have been a big deal, except we had a connecting flight out of Newark that was scheduled to leave at 8:30AM. Finally, when a new first officer arrived we were able to leave. But, since the flight was delayed we missed our connecting flight. We literally were sprinting through the airport only to find out that we missed our connecting flight by 3 minutes. 
Anyways, after missing our only chance to fly to the Dominican we began the process to find out what to do next. We stood in a customer service line for about 45 minutes and made plans to leave the following morning. United Airlines put us in a Ramada for the night and gave us $25 for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Let me just say eating on that much in an airport and a hotel is not an easy feat.
However, through the process we learned a lot of important things. Some include:

remaining positive... this is probably one of the most important lessons we learned. Both Alex and I like our plans to go the way we plan them so we had to be flexible and go with the flow. Not to mention they basically extended our vacation by a night. We were still going to get the same amount of days in the Dominican and we got to have an adventure in Newark. 

be patient... I am a full believer that everything happens for a reason. So, even if you're travel plans to get mixed up know that it was for the right reason and be optimistic. 

go to the bar... I feel weird even writing that out, but making the best of a cruddy situation is the only option. Alex and I went down to the bar for happy hour and we ate appetizers for dinner. We were in bed by 8:00PM (I know we are wild) and we had the best night! 

be thankful... we kept reminding ourselves that although we were not in warmer weather or near a beach (haha we were in Newark without winter coats) we still had so much to be thankful. 

And in time the warm weather came! It felt amazing leaving that airport and arriving in DR. We also were bumped up to Economy Class on the way there and first class on the way back, which was really the icing on the cake! I feel so incredibly blessed for our little Spring Break trip and so happy that I had an awesome travel buddy! 

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