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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dating a Baseball Player

Lately, Josh and my relationship has consisted of BASEBALL! Whether it's talking about baseball, watching the opening games, and going to see him play. It has been baseball central around here and to be honest, I'm loving it! I also started reading "The One and the Only" by Emily Griffin, which is a love story intertwined with Sports-- I keep snapping sentences to Josh just so he knows all the chick books I read aren't completely about romance haha!
I am incredibly proud of Josh and how hard he has been working. He is the Club Baseball team President, which means his scheduled priorities is club baseball, school, and then everything else. He has been so stressed out scheduling all of the games, dealing with inclement weather, and managing all of the players. But, the team that pretty much has come from nothing (last season, I think they won 1 game) has slowly been building back up again. I have no doubts in my mind that next year, they will be a power house and will surprise the socks off all of the teams in their region. 
 I have been going to a lot of the games and have been taking pictures of the boys playing. I've also been freezing my butt off, getting sunburned, and just enjoying the spring weather. Knock on wood that my allergies don't hit me too hard this year, for the most part I have been good (but, hopefully I didn't just jinx myself).
 I love watching him play. Partly because my favorite color is navy blue and seeing him in his baseball uniform is definitely a highlight of my weekend, but also because I love watching him play a game that he loves.
 I knew when we started dating that he was a sports fanatic. He knows statistics, how different sports are played, and how to play them. He also plays them well, which makes it exciting for me to watch. So, I have been loving going to his games and hanging out with the team. I'm slowly learning how to keep the baseball book thing (I'll save that for another post) and the whole team thinks I am the team mom-- which, I'm not mad about. At least I'm helping them prevent skin cancer by bringing sun screen for those kids.

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