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Thursday, April 16, 2015

15 Moments In Life I'd Go Back To

Since graduation is getting so close, I keep spending so much of my time reflecting on life and the experiences that I have had! One things for sure, I have been so incredibly blessed with the life I have been given. God is good and I'm grateful to him for sending people into my life, that I don't always deserve. 

Today, I'm blogging about 15 Moments in Life I would go back to. It's kind of like a TBT post for my High School and College life. I loved writing this post and I hope you all enjoy it :) The events are all in order and some are specific and some are general!
All of the retreats I went on in High School! I'm so thankful that I went to a Catholic High School that promoted development of a student's faith and self! Every retreat I led or went on were truly inspirational and helped me connect with so many people.
When Juneau was a baby! I crave the days when we got her and she would cuddle up in my arms and sleep for hours! / I totally miss that navy blue scarf. It has been missing since my Freshmen Year of College and it was my favorite scarf. Hopefully, I'll find it when I move to PA in May!
All of the parties! Since I lived a little over a half hour from the majority of my friends when people would come over they would usually carpool and bring a whole group of people! I loved this and really enjoyed all of the mini-parties we had. TGIF Frozen Mozzarella sticks were always a huge hit!
The XBSS Retreat in Connecticut! My High School sent 10 student representatives and me and a couple close friends were chosen to go. At the retreat we met a bunch of students like us from different High Schools and it was amazing. Such a great trip and I have so many fond memories. 
 Graduating from High School. The day itself was kind of long and exhausting, but knowing that I had achieved something great was a wonderful feeling. I loved High School and it was nice concluding my four years with a bunch of friends surrounding me. 
 My first year of college, I held an event 'Dodgeball for Cameroon' which was a fundraiser for a sister school my organization, EJS (Educators for Justice Society) had. We ended up raising over two hundred dollars (can't really remember) had 6 different teams and everyone had a ball. Strangely, when I look back at this picture, half of those people were strangers that I later became great friends with! It's weird how things like that work in life and I hope it keeps happening. 
 Habitat for Humanity. I had never gone on a week long service trip before and it was probably one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I got to help out on a huge project that would impact someone's life forever. I met a lot of cool people and also got to explore Downtown Wilmington, where one of my favorite shows One Tree Hill was filmed. Talk about a great Spring Break!
 My friend Caitlin and I drove up to Philadelphia after our Freshmen year to see our favorite singer, Ingrid Michelson perform. I think we paid $20 for the tickets and she performed at the Electric Factory. Back then, not many people knew of Ingrid songs so it feels weird hearing her on the radio and seeing posts from people saying they love her so much! I'm so glad her career has taken off. She was truly monumental singer my Freshmen year of college... just ask my old roommate, Hannah (I would listen to her on repeat for hours and hours and hours- haha sorry!)
 Growing up we always took beach vacations and in High School we would always go to Duck, NC with a bunch of family friends. These were probably some of my favorite trips growing up and I always loved spending the week with some of my favorite girl friends and getting sun!
I also went to Maine, with Chad's family a few times! I love Maine. I love the crisp air, the green trees, the Life is Good stores that are everywhere, the mom and pop Lobster Roll stands, and the cute little towns. I haven't been to Maine in over two years and I'm really craving some time there! Hopefully one day I can take my kiddos there so they can fall in love with the state too. 
 Duke TIP played an influential role in my college summer experiences. After my Sophomore and Junior years I went down to Texas and worked on the residential side of the program. I met some of the greatest people, gained a significant amount of weight, and had so many unique experiences. Everything is bigger in Texas and I loved traveling around the state and seeing different things and tasting a ton of different food. I wish I could work for TIP this year, but alas big girl job comes first. However, I can always start recruiting some new residential counselors who would fit the TIP program perfectly! Hopefully, TIP won't be out of my future forever!
 So, chick-fil-a is my favorite fast food restaurant! My sophomore year of college, my friend Alex told me about the First 100 Challenge that a new Chick-Fil-A offers... and we did it! We went down to the Rockville, MD location and camped out for 24 hours in the parking lot while it rained. Our tent wasn't very waterproof, but we made due by the charity of other people who thought to bring tarps and we had a blast. We also were fed chicka for 24 hours straight, which was too good to be true!
Meeting this man! I have dated a bunch of different guys... but, Josh is by far the kindest and smartest person I know. He is genuinely sweet and we have been able to do so many fun things while we have been together. He even reads this blog on his own! I feel like when you date a blogger, you have to know that you will most likely (a) have to read and proofread posts (b) take tons of photos (c) listen to updates on the blog world, etc. But, Josh has taken to it well and cares about Radiating Sunshine.
Salzburg... and Europe in general! I loved going to Europe over the summer and if I could go back and relive those moments I totally would. I want to share those experiences with Josh, friends, and family. I really miss gelato and the fresh food. I miss the architecture and the beautiful weather. So, yeah I would definitely go back to Europe and would so do it again. 
 All of the adventures I've had with these too (Jamaica, Beach, & Camping Weekend). When I was going through my photos, I kept stumbling upon Amanda and DJ and all of the fun places we have been. Josh and I have reflected about this past year and we both agree Camping Weekend (even though we could barely light a fire because of the green wood) was by far one of our favorite weekends. We hiked, we ate food, we played rummy. Ahh what's not to love!

So, there you have it! 15 moments in life that I would totally go back to if I could... but, luckily for me I know that thanks to all of the beautiful and wonderful people in my life I know I will be able to have even better moments in the future. Happy Thursday :)

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