Radiating Sunshine: Thank Goodness for the 23rd

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thank Goodness for the 23rd

I'm so happy that today is the 23rd.... want to know why? Because this entire month my family and I have been on the real struggle bus with cellular data. I know, #firstworldproblems! Unfortunately, on April 22nd we ended up getting a notification that we went over, but we were so close. Not sure why we were using so much data this month. I kept talking with friends who were having the same problem but, thankfully we have made it to a new month. 

Although it was really inconvenient not being able to use data. I realized how often I crave to check the internet while I'm out and about. It was actually scary how many times I went to update Instagram or some social media and couldn't because of the lack of internet. It kind of felt like I was in Europe without a cell phone plan. However, I feel really grateful for the experience because I really got to unplug and be more present. Even when I was at all of Josh's baseball games, instead of checking social media or even the weather (only regret) I was fully there and it was really nice!

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