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Friday, September 26, 2014


worried about... the future. As a Senior in College everyone is asking me the question, "what are you doing next?" and not knowing is the worst feeling. I'm slowly trying to figure it out. I'm applying to Grad Schools and Teach for America... but, I'm really praying to God and relying on Him to help me make these big decisions. It is way too much for me to decide alone and with His help and the support of my family, friends, and Josh I will be able to make the decision that is best for my future!

happy about... my senior year! Although I've been plagued with worry over the future I feel like I have still been able to do well in my classes and have fun. Every weekend I've gotten to do something exciting and I just am so happy with how life is turning out.

thinking about... going camping next weekend! I kind of wish it was this weekend but, I'm glad we're going next weekend so I can prepare, plan, and pack {my three favorite 'p' verbs}! But, seriously I'm so excited to go camping, make s'mores, and go hiking next weekend with Josh and friends.

learning about... so much! Lately, I've been studying for the GRE so I'm relearning High School math... but, as far as classes go I'm learning about ethics, operant conditioning, sign language, and how stress can effect the body.

looking forward to... Fall Break (t-minus 2 weeks) I can't wait to go home for a week and a) finish my grad school applications b) see family {especially Brooke} c) bake yummy things d) catch up on projects and any extra work! Fall Break can't come soon enough.

loving... I have been loving all the time Josh and I have been able to spend together. Of course this is the first weekend of the semester where we won't see each other so, I'm sad knowing that none of my weekend plans involve seeing him but, lately we've been able to do so much and have just spent so much quality time together.

listening to... Christian music x10! I've been seriously jamming out to my Christian playlist. Whether it is in the morning while I am getting ready or when I'm driving. My current go to song is: Fix My Eyes by for KING & COUNTRY... its a goodie.

hating... Senioritis; a few weeks back Josh diagnosed me with it and I'm battling hard to either conquer it or mask the side effects. I just can't help that all I want is one school night when I don't have homework to do, don't have any meetings, and I can just lay around in sweatpants and do whatever I want.

obsessing over... the fact that Grey's Anatomy has started back up! Last year I told myself 'after Cristina leaves I'm gonna stop watching the show'. Well turns out that I'm a liar because I'm so excited to watch this season. But, if it is too dramatic or something I'll stop {I promise}. Oh and I may get a chance to meet my favorite author Elin Hilderbrand tonight at one of her book signings! How cool is that! Not sure if I can go or not but, still knowing she will be in the same state as me is so exciting!


  1. I graduate college in December, and I honestly have no idea what I want to do with my life... and it is kinda freaking me out!! And Senioritis... that happened to me the first week of classes!! Good luck!!

    1. It is totally crazy! If you have any senioritis tips let me know! Good luck with post grad planning :)


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