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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Senior Year 'Dorm' Room: Revealed

I know this post is long over due but, better late then never right? So, I've been at school for a little over three weeks and I'm finally content with the way my new residence hall room looks like! I've lived in four different spaces over my four years at college and each room has presented unique challenges. 

freshmen year: my room was small and I had a roommate to share everything with
sophomore year: my room was ENORMOUS and I didn't have any furniture to fill all of the empty spaces
junior year: my room was the size of a walk in closet
senior year: well take a look...

All and all I love the space! I was a little hesitant towards the built in furniture and dark colors but, I ended up falling in love with the space. It presented some unique challenges (like no air conditioning) but, I think I made the new space look like my own and I tried to make it as cozy as possible.

the only new update is the turquoise night stand-- courtesy of dumpster diving last year!
One issue I keep having is that some of my photos keep falling off the wall due to humidity but, I've brought out the big guns (aka painters tape and tack) to hopefully avoid future problems.

I love the makeshift futon for my guests to sit on! I've slowly been collecting blue pillows and it was really easy to use a solid dark color as the base so it made the pillows stand out. Also, at night I turn on the christmas lights and they glow a pretty light blue. It literally creates the perfect space for some night time cuddles and movie watching!

Check out that sick AC unit I have!

I think the shelving/ desk area is my favorite part of my room. I have so much counter space which, is probably weird that I get so excited over such a thing as counter space anyways I love the shelves and I love being able to spread out when I work or get ready.

From my experience last year I'm sure my desk area will change a billion more times by the end of the year but, this is how I'm starting out and hopefully it will only get more creative as I go! Last year my entire wall was covered in quotes and notes that I've collected over the semester. 


  1. Wow that's a really cool dorm room!! I love the built in wall shelves and that little futon you made - so relaxing :)

    1. Thanks Meg! I really love the space. I was kind of worried about it but, now I see it as a blessing :)

  2. It looks great Alex! :-) You'll be surprised at how cool your room will be at night. Did you know you can reverse the flow of the air on those fans? It will keep the hot air out during the day, after you've drawn in the cool at night. :)

    1. I didn't know that! Oh my gosh that will be so helpful for the future thanks!!

  3. Have a great school year! Where is your school?


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