Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 9/22/14

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap 9/22/14

Another beautiful weekend has come and gone! When I write these posts on Sunday nights and review all of the wonderful things I got to do or see, I can't help but feel so incredibly blessed. I'm so lucky that despite the craziness of school and grad school prep, I still get to get out and do so many fun things like... 

Friday night: 

Josh and I went down with our school to Baltimore for an Orioles vs. Red Sox game! It was like all of our friends were at the game, and we got to meet up with one of my favorite couples, Amanda and DJ! I've been great friends with Amanda for years, and I love DJ. We are currently planning a camping trip for two weekends from now, and I can't wait to just hang out and hike around with them. Josh and I also met up with my best friend from High School, Caitlin, and her boyfriend. I haven't seen her in a few months, so it was really nice and convenient that all of my favorite people just decided to go to an Orioles game on the same day our school was doing a trip!

On a related note - the Orioles have been doing an incredible job! I am so proud of them for clinching our division, and it has been so long (practically my entire life) since I've seen them do so well. It is really exciting for all of us.

Josh and I were four rows back from the field, and we sat in the left outfield behind third base! It definitely beat the nose-bleed student tickets that we almost got! Anyways, I love going to baseball games with Josh. I'm trying really hard to learn the rules of the game, and I love it when he shares little facts with me... like Camden Yards was the first modern modeled ball park of this new generation of games. He has a wealth of knowledge and makes every game so interesting.
After class on Friday, I decided I needed a little me time so, I painted my nails while watching The Office, and it was just so relaxing! I don't even remember the last time I painted my nails, and they were seriously bent out of shape. So starting this week, I'm going to work really hard on making sure I maintain them and keep them looking pretty. 

Was probably the best day of the weekend... I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures, but I want to cherish Saturday without sharing it with the blogosphere. So, in short Saturday was perfect. I got to hang out and play beach volleyball with some friends, went to church, had my favorite meal (grilled hot dogs and barbecue food) and spent time with Josh and his family. It was a beautiful night spent with my favorite guy and his family... oh and oreo blizzards from Dairy Queen!

After getting home really late on Saturday night, I slept in and had a relaxing morning. I then met up with my friend Kathryn (we "studied" abroad together) and we went to a local covered bridge, called the Sachs Covered Bridge, in Gettysburg, PA! We were those obnoxious girls having a photo shoot out on this beautiful pretty much summer day, and it was so much fun! Kathryn is a photographer and has the nicest camera so it was such a treat for her to ask me to join her. Here is a sneak peak of some of the photos she took! They came out so nicely, and I can't wait to do some blog remodeling with them.      
 If you're looking for a great photographer or just like looking at pretty pictures
of scenery and all things lovely than please go check out her page, Kathryn Franke Photography 

There are only a few covered bridges left in our region, and I'm so glad they have been restoring them and making them beautiful landmarks. When I got home from our photography adventure, I got to watch a little bit of the Ravens game before I had an RA In Service! The In Service was focused on team building activities, and it was nice to get reunited with the RA fam. Then, I had a dinner date with my best friend Alex and had rounds and a baking night with my RAs. 

I have been able to squeeze in so many fun things to do on the weekends and I have been loving my senior year. Next week I take the GRE, so if y'all could keep me and my math skills in your prayers that would be so lovely. Have a great week :)

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