Radiating Sunshine: Birthday Weekend Recap 3/24/14

Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Weekend Recap 3/24/14

So, for starters I am incredibly thankful to all of my friends, family, and J for helping me celebrate a huge milestone in my life! This past weekend was seriously one of the best weekends I've had in college and I want to apologize now for using this blog post as photo storage! 

Thursday: I went to the premiere of Divergent with some friends. I read the book in a day over Spring break and I thought the movie did well. They changed the ending a lot, I think for theatrical purposes but, it was still very well done!

Friday: I met J's family and went to his sister's High School musical! It was so awesome to spend the whole evening with him and have a home cooked meal. J commutes to school, so it was nice being able to go home with him and see what his life is like… oh and play with his adorable dog. 

Saturday: I spent the morning doing homework and the afternoon babysitting. Then, around 8:30pm I started getting ready for my birthday party that some of my good friends hosted. J got to campus around 9:30pm and then we walked to my friend Alex's for the little get together. 

I can't even explain to you how much fun Saturday was. I didn't want a crazy wild party so, I loved that it was a small get together with a few of my closest friends. I waited until midnight to have my first drink, which I think is kind of special… but hey maybe I'm just weird! Alex's boyfriend made me a Malibu Bay Breeze and let me just tell you that if you turn 21 and you're anything like me… ask for that. 

I get so awkward when people sing happy birthday to me… I think it is because I don't know what to do
with all of the attention haha
Haven't had icing on my face since I was a baby! Thanks, Pao!
Had to share the love with Jimmy!!
Alex made the cutest birthday cupcake presentation! 

Finally after waiting a few weeks I got a picture with J! My family and friends know that I love taking pictures and basically documenting every moment of my life, so I was waiting until I knew he was a keeper before I unleashed my desire to take pictures with him! I also officially published my relationship status on fb, but why I waited is for another post at another time!

Anyways, before I move on… let us just take a moment to comment on how handsome he is! But, seriously friends I'm a lucky girl :)

My two closest friends, Alex and Hannah went above and beyond for my 21st birthday!
Alex and Hannah definitely out did themselves this year in the present department! I'm not huge into gifts and I honestly would prefer something little that I know a lot of thought went into over something crazy expensive. Anyways, they bought me my first devotional which, was probably the best gift I received. I've wanted a devotional for so long and I can't wait to make it apart of my nightly routine. 

They also gave me a little clutch full of things I will need for if/when I go out to the bar! They also couldn't resist getting me a gag gift… which, was two training bras.  I'm glad they waited until J left to give me that present... And of course I had to try the bras on. (Disclaimer: they both fit)

Sunday: I spent the night at Alex's so I didn't have to worry about walking back to my room really late at night and by myself. But, on a side note I'm pretty sure their futon is more comfortable than my bed, so no complaints here! Anyways, Sunday morning we made a delicious cinnamon-bun-waffle breakfast and when I got back to my room I found the sweetest letter from J that he snuck in there before he went home the night before! The letter was beautiful and I can't even explain to y'all how much I appreciated it. I'm a sucker for old fashion letters!

Sunday night J and I met my family for a birthday dinner at BJ's in Frederick. My sister gave J her seal of approval which, was a gift in it of itself. We had a delicious dinner and ended it with an infamous pizookie! Curious on what a pizookie is, check it out here!
Sisters in navy blue!
I feel so incredibly blessed and thankful for everyone in my life! My 21st birthday was so much fun and  the love that people expressed was amazing. For me, birthdays are all about spending quality time with the people you care about; so by just getting together with everyone was the perfect gift to me! 


  1. So glad you had such a good birthday weekend! You look really happy!! :)


    1. Thanks, Chelsea! It definitely was. I'm so blessed :)

  2. Wow what an amazing birthday weekend!! That photo of you with your amazing cupcake display is so sweet - you look so happy :)

    1. That picture turned out so well! It was the perfect candid. Thanks Meg :)


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