Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 3/31/14

Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap 3/31/14

Hey, friends! So, like every other Monday it is time to recap this past weekend and start counting down until the next weekend. Here is a brief recap of all the fun things I did this weekend:

Thursday night: Alex and I went to our last mentorship at a local school where we work with students with intellectual disabilities. It was really sad seeing the program come to an end for the year. I've gotten so close with the students and I'm thankful for them every day! After mentorship we decided to support one of the club sports and get a pizza for their fundraiser-- but, really who can say no to pizza? Hopefully they raised a lot of money!
Just your classic pizza selfie?
Friday: was awesome! I finally finished analyzing my results for my sociology capstone project! After hours of research, surveying, and coding I finally found a significant relationship between a few of my variables. I remember calling my mom right after telling her that "I got significance…" it went right over her head, I guess getting a p<.05 means nothing to the every day person. After, finishing some homework I met up with J and we got dinner and went on a quint-date (5 couple date) to see Noah. 

Noah was an okay movie! Maybe, not the best date movie and it didn't really follow the biblical story that closely but all and all it wasn't a terrible movie. I don't think I would ever buy it on DVD or even see it again, but I didn't think it was a total waste of time either. 

After we got back from the movies, J and I went to the cafe and got some snacks. Of course I am always in the mood for something sweet. I literally dream about ice-cream sometimes hahaha but, I got a milkshake and he got a quesadilla and we debriefed the movie. After a few hours of just hanging out when we were walking back to his car we saw the infamous campus skunk… yes, he is back! We steered clear of Mr. Skunk and ended the night. 

Saturday: was another wonderful day spent with J! Even though we go to the same college, we don't really get to hang out during the week, so I guess we make up for it on the weekend. Anyways, J met me mid-morning and we drove home to my house. This was the first time he visited and met the pups. Juneau instantly bonded with him and literally did not leave his side. It was so cute! We then had lunch with my parents and sister and then drove back to school. After the drive back we got totally drenched in the rain walking back to my room. It literally rained all weekend. 

Saturday night was spent with J's family! We went to his church-- which not gonna lie was really cool! I want God to be apart of our relationship, so I'm glad he got to share with me where he goes to church and all of that jazz. We also went to see his sister perform in her HS talent show. After the talent show we spent the rest of the night just watching tv and playing ping pong. I'm a family girl so I absolutely love just staying in and hanging out!

Sunday: was homework day… yeah, I know I surprised y'all with that one! But, I also decided to catch up on some product reviews including these beauties… I received a voxbox from Influenster last week and decided to give the 'Expert Last Lip Color: NYC' and the 'imPress- Press-on Mnaicure' a shot! I'll be putting up a more formal and box reveal review in a few weeks but all I'm gonna say is that the NYC lip stick truly has mastered the long last lip color effect.

I felt like a barbie!

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