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Friday, August 9, 2013

AC/ RA Training... so far

 The photo to the left is very accurate of what I do during RA training... only joking folks! 

Actually, RA training includes a lot of seminar listening, conflict resolution training, team bonding, ice-breaking, and the occasional crafting (mostly with bulletin boards and door decorations). 

However, this year I am not just returning to the Mount as an RA, but I'm also returning as an Area Coordinator. So, what does an Area Coordinator do? Well, besides the regular RA duties we plan certain things for training, we help our staffs in anyway they need, answer questions, and assist the Pro. Staff directly. Obviously the position is a bit more than what I mentioned, but instead of boring y'all with the full details of every day AC training life I figured the brief synopsis would suffice! 

However, I do want to mention that I have three other wonderful ACs who I'm so blessed to be working with! We have gotten so much done... and not so much done *cough* *cough* {mural-- see first picture.} But, from an administrative end we certainly have been on our A Game! 

I also have a wonderful staff! They are all go-getters and really excited about the job! Not to mention in every seminar they always ask the best questions, which is awesome! 

I can't wait to see what this year will bring with AC life and with the Terrace RA staff! 

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