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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hannah and Brooke made me look all pretty for the wedding... and yes that
is the curly hair being straightened (with two straighteners, haha)

On Friday, I got a tiny break from RA training to attend the wedding of my two close friends, Trevin and Clancy! It was the perfect day... Not only was the weather beautiful (like, seriously perfect), but everything about the day was amazing. I woke up to great news from one of my friends, lost another pound (totes dieting after my summer in Texas), got to drive my dad's 350z for the first time with my best friend, and got to dance the night away with my "family" and close friends!

The wedding was beautiful and very pinterest-y! The food was great and the flowers
were wonderful too. I even managed to get one of the bouquets for my dorm room :)

 The lovely Mrs. Hoekzema! Clanc, you looked stunning and your dress was perfect! So, 
glad I made it to your special day and could celebrate this new chapter of your life!

How did I meet Clancy? I dated her 'new' brother-in-law for a few years and we became close friends because of that. We traveled to Maine, shared a ton of Sunday night dinners, and spent many holidays together, played hours of corn hole, etc. For the past three years of my life, almost all of my fondest memories have been made with the Hoekzema family and I'm so thankful I could celebrate Clancy and Trevin's wedding with them :) Miss y'all everyday! 

I also got to spend the day with my dearest parents! They are very close with the mother and father of the groom so I was thankful that with my night off I could spend it with all the people I love! 

Isn't my mama gorgeous? 

What is your favorite part about weddings?

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