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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best and Worst Thing About Training

Today marks the last official day of RA training... Upperclassmen (my residents) are moving in today and as I sit in my room passing out Room Condition Reports, listen to parents saying goodbye, and start getting to know my new residents I am happy and sad that training is over. 

I love training because of the bonding. In Res. Life its easy for an RA to feel like its them against the world. You get lonely and in some cases you lose friends because of your job. That's why the RA fam is crucial... it gets rid of the 'you're in this alone' mentality and you make lasting friendships. 

But, training is exhausting. You sleep very little and are constantly on the go- learning something new. Most RAs jokingly say that they are excited for classes to begin because at least they know they will get more sleep. 

My friend Joe tweeted this pic explaining how RAs are now casually napping on furniture during breaks... True Life: I was exhausted. 

So, although I'm bummed that RA training is over and I won't be surrounded by my fellow RAs. I'm very excited to get on schedule and get 8 hours of sleep :) 

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