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Saturday, August 3, 2013

This Summer's Highlights {Link Up}

This summer has definitely been the best one yet! Although I spent 80% of it away from my family and friends, I made new friends and great memories in Texas! 

Here is a recap of some of my Summer Highlights and what I did from May 15th- August 3rd! On Sunday, August 4th my summer will end as I move back to college and start AC and then RA training. But, that is really exciting too because I can't wait to start my new job and meet my new staff. 

Before, I left I spent time with my closest friends from the Mount
and modeled  bathroom decorations, drank milkshakes, did yard work and so much more.

I also spent a week in OC with friends from High School. It was a great mini vacation
before my big trip to Texas!

While working at Texas A&M, I spent my day off with my aunt, uncle, and cousins visiting 
the Blue Bell Factory! Blue Bell is a type of ice-cream for anyone who doesn't know! 

I got all dressed up several times for the dances with the Duke TIP! 
This picture's dance theme was the Great Gatsby. At these dances I learned 
how to line dance which is so much fun. 

During my week off in between the two sessions I spent time with some Duke TIP staff members in 
San Antonio on the River Walk and going to a Schlitterbahn, water park...

We also saw the Alamo while in San Antonio, which was cool! Totally 
got to squeeze in a bit of touristy attractions on the trip. 

 I spent the 4th of July with the Duke TIP Staff! We all got Sonic drinks and went to watch
the fireworks on top of one of the parking garages at TAMU! It wasn't like my typical
4th of July in OBX, NC... but it was fun standing with around with Aggies and watching the 
George W. Bush Presidential Library put on a firework show. 

This is Danielle, one of my closest friends on staff at Duke TIP TAMU! I miss her so much already and
she is an amazing person. This picture was taken at the Staff vs. Tipster Ultimate Frisbee Game 
which the staff always wins... not saying much since we are older but still great!

And after two months of being in Texas, I finally was reunited with some of my greatest pals back in MD for an Orioles Game! I'm with my two best girlies and their boyfriends! Also, special shout out to the guy on the right. Matt, you rock and stick with the training at the Naval Academy. 

So, how did y'all spend your summer? What were your favorite
moments? Write your post and share below! Can't wait to connect. 



  1. Your pictures are definitely so exciting and speaking of a good summer time :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. So fun! I recognize Koldus Bldg from your picture at TAMU! Glad you've had an adventurous summer!


  3. hey its one of your students from duke tip cherry hey I cant belive you have a blog

    1. Hey Cherry! Thanks for the comment! Yes ma'am! How did you find the link?? Hope you're doing well.

      Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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